History is made in the Finnish World Rally Championship – this is it

Tournament leader Kai Turkianan Confirmed in connection with the announcement of the route of the Finnish World Rally Championship, the virtual chicken or in other words, the debut at the world championship level in Jiskala. Where else except in Ouninpohja special exam.

The reason for the special arrangement is obvious: we want to keep the speed of the Rally1 cars under control with the high-speed special test. This is one of the conditions to include the classic section as a full-length 33-kilometer version.

Straw bales are commonly used in traditional chickens. In the virtual chicken placed in the high-speed section of Ouninpohja, the team has to slow down to the target speed set by the organizer in the 200 meter area. According to Targian, the target speed is between 60-70 kilometers per hour.

Virtual Chicken has already been introduced on the Rally Championship page. At last summer's Itäralli, Mäkrä's special test included a speed limit zone where drivers had to temporarily reduce their speed to 40 kilometers per hour in a 50-meter stretch.

On the side of the road there were speed display boards familiar to urban areas where a green smiley appeared when the speed dropped to the target speed.

A green smiley is a sign that you can press down on the gas. Photo: Itäralli competitor instructions

You should follow the instructions for the reduction part. For example, in the Eastern Rally, if the smiley face had not been flashed on the board, the competitor would have received a five-minute time penalty.

The aim is to use the cars' warning system on virtual chicanes in the Finnish World Rally Championship. The light will turn green as the target slows down. After that, you can push the gas back down.

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The World Series stars are scheduled to get used to the virtual chicken during the race's test special stage at Ruuhimaki.

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