Hov's PR strategy failed in Catherine's image scandal – now there's a tough choice

Anna Hobie

The palace refuses to release an unedited photo of the princess to the public, specifically to silence some speculation. A completely incomprehensible PR strategy, writes journalist Anna Hoby.

The court's PR strategy failed in the Catherine of Wales photo scandal. AOP

Over the years, the Prithvihof's PR strategy has been to reveal as little as possible to the public about the health of members of the royal family. We traditionally do not take a stand on wild rumors and various confusions. the queen Elizabeth's While he was alive, there were various rumors about the old king's health, but Howie remained calm, the king smiled and waved at the people. Matters were essentially in the hands and control of the court. too Harry's And Megan's The British royal family's traditional “don't comment on anything” line was duly observed during the furious exit.

Until 2024, at the beginning of the year, the royal family experienced a major change in the health of two important figures. First announced in January was the Princess of Wales Catherine About the operation in the abdominal area, and two weeks later came the news about the head of state, the King It's Charles from cancer. Two different rescue stories – and two different PR strategies from the court.

Charles has been exceptionally open about his cancer. In his statements, he expressed gratitude for the support and poured hope and confidence around him. King said he wanted to bring his illness to the fore so fellow mortals would seek treatment. After all, he was seen in public – a picture is worth a thousand words. He is happy to post videos and make public appearances.

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Could Charles's openness really be a cunning strategy to cover up Catherine's health? The Princess had time to recuperate at the beginning of the year, paying attention to the King's condition and tears of emotion as she read congratulatory messages from her subjects. Especially if there's something serious in the background.

However, there is another motive behind Charles's openness. For example, if the king received a serious diagnosis of an incurable disease, it would be reasonable to bring the matter to the public as soon as possible. In any case, he skillfully diverted the attention of his recovering niece with his actions.

Catherine, on the other hand, has been disappearing into thin air for months. Kensington Palace has released little information on the princess's condition, saying she is doing well. The long recovery time tells its own story about the fact that this is not a minor surgery. He is said to be recovering at home. TMZ immortalized him in funny pictures on a car ride with sunglasses over his eyes. In the dim light, the imprecise images revealed nothing about the princess's condition.

On Sunday, Catherine posted her first post-surgery photo on Instagram. After that, an uncontrollable chain of events began: sharp-eyed people noticed signs of photo editing, speculations began to fly, and finally Catherine admitted that she had edited the photo. He also apologized.

Sure, it's an honest act, but in the PR mind, it's mind-boggling that he was confused enough to apologize in the first place. Someone at court must have told Catherine that pictures can't be photoshopped properly. Or was it Catherine who edited the film? He is known as a skilled photographer and is by no means an amateur photographer, he said in an article published on news service X. Indeed, it has been reported in the British media that Catherine's background team failed to manage matters.

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The latest scandal has already branched out in several directions. Princess regrets the increase in innocent photo editing and the proportions the matter has taken has shocked her. The British are angry: faith in the royal family is shaken. It is questionable how often court-distributed photographs are modified? Conspiracy theories about Catherine's health abound. According to the Daily Mail, it is suspected that she may have undergone a butt lift surgery. What is more suspicious is that Catherine underwent surgery due to a very serious illness.

What does Kensington Palace do? The palace refuses to release an unedited photo of the princess to the public, specifically to silence some speculation. Totally incomprehensible PR strategy. The Princess was photographed next to William on her way to London. According to experts, it was a desperate attempt to quell curiosity about the princess's health.

Like a state expert Jatinan is a fairy tale Iltalehdelle commented that Catherine will soon be in a situation where she will have to tell the public more about her health. The blackout and the long recovery time from the events mentioned above have raised the pressure to the power of ten, and the Princess of Wales and her consort must seriously consider next steps to calm the publicity mill.

In the Catherine image scandal, the court's PR strategy failed again. The world's most interesting and glamorous royal couple were mocked by the British. One can only imagine how the tight-lipped King Charles must be gritting his teeth as he succeeds in his own PR strategy.

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Tough choices lie ahead. Courts should make a conscious decision to limit dealing with government-related advertisements. This time, things are relaxing and it shows. A member of the Princess of Wales' background team deserves to be sacked, British media have indicated.

Catherine needs to think about how much she tells the public about her health. It is entirely up to him to decide. He is not obligated to share everything because of his status. However, transparency at this stage will defuse the inflamed situation.

In the future, the court and the British royal family should not tolerate edited images and only publish real footage with errors. It will rekindle the confidence that is now faltering.

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