How are Levyraad's musical selections made? The responsible producer says

Disk ratio On January 20, Miker will start updating on Saturday evenings, and the songs will be evaluated in the first episode Asko Kallonen, Lina Schiffer, Miko KosonenAn actor Anna Airola and retailer of home appliances Ville Markus Vesterinen From Uusetakaupunki.

In the first episode, we hear and see, among other things Bjørkø achievement Ismo Alangon music video premiere, Olli Halonen Freshly baked single, of Thomas Ignatius Latin song, exciting new pop From the Neia River And a song from Inginmaa/Hypnomen's new album.

MTV Executive Producer Mary came MTV Uutis says that an effort has been made to have a wide range of music in each episode of Levirat.

– The show's song list is curated by Jenny Basquisari, but final decisions are made by the production's content task force. As a rule, the program listens and watches the latest music releases, which are selected from the favorites we know on the day the episode is recorded, Vanninen says.

– We work closely with record companies and the song list will be updated with indie artists or slightly earlier music, if it is fully serviced. The goal is to bring together the most diverse, surprising and innovative musical group for Ratty's members and audiences.

27.1 in the second episode of the show. will be asked among others By Robin Bacalon New single, British indie rock band called The Last Dinner Party, new release from homegrown band Thickery of the year, rap From Roy Mixed Catharina Jucilius achievement Teflon Brothers music video premiere.

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Record list on Saturdays at 21:00 on MTV3 channel. The episode is already available to watch MTV Katsomo.

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