How does 52-year-old Jaromir Jagr still play at the top? Jussi Jokinen got an up close look at the Czech legend's brutal training methods

Jaromir Jagr's jersey will go up on the roof of the Pittsburgh Penguins' home arena on Monday, Finnish time. Jussi Jokinen played with Jacker in the last years of his NHL career.

Jaromir Jagr is still playing. This season's picture of the Czech main series wearing Clado's shirt. Kua: CTK/All Over Press

Hill jumping and ice hockey are progressing fast, but the two giants who turned 52 this year can still keep up. Noriaki kasai And Jaromir Jagr.

Both will be in focus this weekend. Kasai made history at the Ski Jumping World Cup on Saturday.

Jagr's shirt will be raised on the night between Sunday and Monday NHL Finnish time, although his career still continues.

The Pittsburgh Penguins will freeze Czech Buck Player's game number 68. The ceremony can be seen before the game against the Los Angeles Kings.

Mario Lemieux and Jaromir Jagr pose with the Stanley Cup in the early 1990s.

Pittsburgh stars Mario Lemieux (left) and Jaromir Jagr (right) pose with the Stanley Cup, the NHL championship trophy in the early 1990s. Pittsburgh won championships in 1991 and 1992. Photo: Getty Images
In Jaromir Jagr 2000.

Jagr is the first European to win an NHL points transfer. In total, Jagr was the NHL's leading scorer in each of his five seasons in Pittsburgh's jersey. Photo: Getty Images
Jussi Jokinen and Jaromir Jäger in 2016.

After Pittsburgh, the road led to seven other NHL clubs. Jussi Jokinen and Jaromir Jagr played in Florida between 2015 and 2017. Photo: NHLI via Getty Images

Jagr plays in the Czech Premier League

Despite turning 52 on Thursday, Jagr is still playing hockey at a high level. 0+4 performances in 15 games this season in the Czech league. He returned to the ring in December and immediately made an impact on Kladno's team. Zachria was furious anew.

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Over the years, Jagr has openly told the media how to play hockey.

– Do you know why I still play? I am responsible for this team. Otherwise, I wouldn't laugh at myself. But if I stop, the partners and sponsors will leave and the group will cease to exist, Jagr commented to the Czech media in the spring of 2021.

Club owner of Czech legend Kladno. His father was the president of the club for a long time.

– As long as my father has breath, this team is my responsibility. He supported the club for 20 years. Jack also said in the same interview that I would be embarrassed if I left.

Jussi Jokinen The Czech legend played his last full season in the NHL in Florida with Jaromir Jagr. Jagr is the NHL's second all-time leading scorer.

Jokinen believes a sense of duty to his own club is also a reason for Jagr's longevity. Another reason he feels is his passion for hockey.

– Jagger loves hockey like most parents love their kids. Ice hockey is the greatest love of his life, Jokinen describes.

Yle Urheilu visited Zagrin's hometown of Kladno in the fall of 2019. Kimmo Portilla met Jagr and told him of his desire to play as long as possible.

I remember wild exercise

There have been wild stories about the Czech icon over the years. He is known to be trained like an animal.

According to Jokinen, Jagr used to skate the rink alone at night. The Finnish teammate got a close look at all kinds of strange training methods.

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Someone specifically remembers using extra weights. Jogger can put a five-pound weight on his hockey stick shoulder. Additional weights were sometimes attached to the ankles as well.

– He tried to gain more strength in his wrists and hands with weights on the rocket platform. With ankle weights, he probably tried to feel it lighter in games, when the weights were heavier in training, Jokinen explains.

Jaromir Jagr in a Calgary jersey in the fall of 2017.

Jaromir Jagr in a Calgary jersey in the fall of 2017. Calgary was the last team of Jaeger's NHL career before playing for the Czech Republic. Before that, he had to leave Florida the same way Jussi Jokinen did in the summer. Photo: NHLI via Getty Images

Jokinen is 12 years younger than Jagr. When he was a teenager, Jagr was a huge role model for a young hockey player from Kalajoki.

– Jagr has played so long that he was 42-44 years old when I was in the same team with him. It's incomprehensible that he can excel in such a physical sport as hockey, Jokinen grumbled, comparing himself.

– When I left myself at the age of 38, my body was already like this and this. I had to compromise on my training. Now Jagr is in his fifties and needs to get his body in shape to play Czech league games. It just doesn't make sense.

Dšeki's hockey league released highlights of Jaromir Jagr's games earlier this season on X in honor of the hockey prodigy's birthday.

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