How is Finland doing at Eurovision? Foreign Fans for IL: “Craziest Show”

From foreign fans, the Finnish concert gets a lot of praise. However, there is no point in waiting for Finland to win.

Windows95man rat Teemu Kaysteri and Henri Piispanen compete Without rules With his song about the Eurovision final place in Malmö. The duo’s fast and expressive performance brought them a huge win at the New Music Competition.

Among overseas fans, Finn Putti has shared comments on social media. Iltalehti stepped into Malmö’s Eurovision Village and asked fans for their thoughts on how Finland would fare in the semi-finals.

Travel to Sweden from London Neil Mathur Hoping Windows95man’s presentation might bite in Europe.

– It’s a good song. Finland will definitely advance to the finals. The song is not to my taste. I wanted more Cha Cha Cha: Sta. I wish Finland the best and I hope Finland will do well again, he tells Iltalehde.

Windows95man and Henri Piispanen sing No Rules. Alma Benggtsson/EBU

Teemu Keister’s bare butt doesn’t bother the man.

– Nudity is part of the show. People will surely understand that.

He lists Sylvester Belt of Lithuania and Belgium as his favourites For black As well as his native Ollie Alexander.

From Slovenia Petra Sechler He works as a radio journalist in his native country. Keister and Bispann’s performances also draw praise from him.

– I think the show is really crazy, we need it at Eurovision. I think it’s the weirdest show we’ve ever had, judging by Petra.

Although Petra believes that Finland will make it to the finals, according to her Italy, Netherlands, Croatia and Ukraine are competing for the victory. The radio journalist’s own favorite is neighboring Croatia, represented by Baby Lasagna.

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– I like Croatian song. Baby lasagna is full of heart so I hope she wins.

Petra from Slovenia admits that she is a fan of Karija. Windows95man also gets praise from him. Lake Ismo Puljujarvi

From Great Britain make Finland is fully confident of reaching the final. He ends by praising Finland’s song.

– Wonderful! Very funny and clever! I find Teemu’s art very interesting.

He reminds that in the first semi-final only the audience votes for the next ones. Aggie believes Finland will collect a lot of telephone votes, but the jury may have a tougher approach in the final.

However, Auggie sends Finns encouraging wishes.

– I don’t believe in winning, but I think they will do well. I think you should be proud of yourself for sending a different, unique show.

Aggie believes that the victory of this year’s tournament will go to Switzerland NemolleIt was one of the early favorites according to race statistics.

Aggie is mesmerized by Finns’ comedy show and trusts European voters in Finland’s future. Lake Ismo Puljujarvi

On social media, Finland was criticized for nudity. Keisteri appears on stage in leather pants.

Auggie thinks Keister’s outfit isn’t dressy or sexy enough for a whole family event.

Traveled from Los Angeles to Eurovision Patrick Vukovich Follows the song contest on the site for the third time. He says Finland is his favorite in the whole tournament. The song’s message of breaking rules and freedom appeals to him.

– I love it! This song makes me feel free and I want to dance and make love to people on the dance floor, explains Patrick.

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Over the past three years Patrick has become a Real Wives fan. Lake Ismo Puljujarvi

Finland competes in the first semi-final on Tuesday evening. The winner of Eurovision will be decided at the final on Saturday night.

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