How much did it cost to carry a Nazi flag at a demonstration?

Carrying swastika flags at Independence Day protests is a crime.

A Helsinki appeals court has convicted three people of inciting a crowd and harming an officer in connection with an Independence Day demonstration several years ago.

Men carrying swastika flags towards freedom! – led a protest march on December 6, 2018. Behind the march was the Nordic Resistance Movement (PVL), a neo-Nazi organization that was later ordered to be disbanded.

The police ordered the flags to be removed from the procession, but the Nazi flag bearers disagreed. For this reason, the court convicted the trio of causing harm to an officer.

Swastika flags were confiscated during the 2018 Independence Day march. Script from IL-TV

Initially, the Helsinki District Court dismissed the charges. Now the Court of Appeal came to a different position.

Apart from three people who carried Nazi flags, the court also convicted two people who took part in a provocative march against a national group. According to the court, they participated in planning to hoist the swastika flags.

The Court of Appeal held that the men acted as representatives of the PVL in the demonstration.

– The event time of the demonstration and placing the swastika flag at the head of the demonstration procession was strongly linked to PVL, giving a strong message that the swastika flag and the symbolic values ​​it represented were used. The racial ideology and goals represented by the PVL, as well as the anti-immigration message verbalized in the demonstration, articulate and reinforce the so-called rulings of the Court of Appeals.

An appeals court sentenced the men to 50-75 days. The final amount of the fine varies from hundreds of euros to almost 3,000 euros, depending on the income of the convicted person.

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Minimum amount to be paid to a person who has received a penalty of 50 days. The fine is 300 euros with his income. The most was paid to someone carrying a Nazi flag. 75 daily penalty is 1775 euros on his income.

According to the Court of Appeal, the police did the right thing when they took the flags from the procession and handed them over to the authorities.

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