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Finance Minister Ricka Burra (ps.) writes that cuts to occupational pensions are inevitable as part of the government's austerity package. Helsing's Sanomat newspaper.

According to Burra in an interview with the magazine, the government cannot achieve the results it is aiming for without interfering with pensions.

According to Burra, various technical arrangements can be used to pay pension savings into the state budget. He did not elaborate on the possible implementation method or the extent of the pension cuts to the newspaper.

In next week's budget crisis, the government plans three billion euros of additional adjustment measures, of which, according to Burra, the share of cuts will be approximately two billion, according to Helsingin's Sanomat.

Prime Minister on Sunday During interview class Petteri Orbo (Council) said pensions would also be reviewed in the structural crisis. However, the retirement age will not be affected, Orbo said.

Posted by Iltalehti on Saturday In the interview Burra said that he felt it was necessary to raise the retirement age in the future.

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