HS: Teuvo Hakkarainen's explanations are lame

Hakkarainen has participated in four delegation trips, HS says.

Teuvo Hakkarai did not qualify as a candidate for Basic Finns. EPA/AOP

MEP Teuvo Hakkarainen (ps)'s explanations for his inaction are not convincing, Helsing's Sanomat newspaper says

Hakkarainen explained his reduced activity with his responsibilities and travels in Latin America.

Hakkarainen, a deputy member of two of the EU's external relations delegations, has made four trips to international inter-parliamentary meetings since 2019.

According to the attendance lists, Hakkarainen has attended three of the 41 meetings of the delegation held in Brussels.

– I definitely participated more. Hakkarainen explains to HS that I didn't sign the attendance list, it was forgotten.

should be

To receive the daily allowance for EU work, the representative must attend a meeting or plenary session or present himself at the “central register”.

Basic Finnish announced that Hakkarainen would not be on the party list after he said he would seek another term in the European Parliament elections.

Hakkarainen tells HS that he will contact the party leadership perhaps next week.

– So you can directly say that there are people like this in need of a man, giants from back pain, and some more modern people are on the list here, stay out of the way.

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