Huhtasaari and Tuppurainen argue in A-Studio about the Rwandan model: “It’s too bad” | A studio

Member of Parliament Laura Huhtasaari of Fundamental Finns hopes to find enough safe countries to change the asylum procedure.

SDP’s Tytti Tuppurainen and Fundamental Finns’ Laura Huhtasaari were on completely different lines about the so-called Rwandan model in A-Studio on Monday.

Member of parliament of basic Finland Laura from Huhtasari According to Finland, the EU presents a model similar to the so-called Rwanda model, in which the asylum procedure is transferred to third countries deemed safe outside the borders of the EU.

– The idea is that those asylum applications will be considered in the third mass and asylum will be granted from a safe third country, explained Huhtasaari in A-Studio on Monday.

According to Huhtasaari, the country doesn’t have to be specifically Rwanda. The British government has decided to send asylum seekers to Rwanda to wait for their applications to be processed.

Huhtasaari believes it is possible to find sufficiently safe third countries.

– That model is precisely what direction the EU should go and what pressure Finland is putting on the Commission’s work program together with the Alliance.

“It looks awful”

Chairman of the SDP Parliamentary Committee I cursed and swept away It will defeat the schemes of the government.

– To me, it just looks gross, Tuppurainen said.

– All the ruling parties like KUMU, Christian democrats, RKP and basic Finns who apparently happily support this, will take the world’s suffering away from us, somewhere in mythical Rwanda, this problem will exist. will be resolved.

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