Hundreds of cars stuck on road in southern Sweden, army called to help – Abroad

In southern Sweden, a snowstorm threw traffic into chaos on Wednesday.

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In Sweden Traffic on road E22 between Hörby and Kristianstad was thrown into complete chaos on Wednesday.

Among others, the Swedish Public Broadcasting Corporation SVT It has been reported that 1,000 cars could be lined up on the road due to rough and foggy weather. Also a Swedish newspaper Evening paper Said about it.

Some had been in cars since Wednesday morning.

Rescue operations And work to evacuate people from cars was underway Wednesday evening and Swedish security forces were also called in to help.

Several police vehicles and an ambulance carrying a patient got stuck.

During the day, rescue efforts were unsuccessful as cars blocked the road. Plowing equipment also had difficulties because more snow fell all the time.

People were advised to stay in cars and stay warm. Those trapped in the line of cars interviewed by SVT said they had no water or food. A driver interviewed by Aftonbladet said he had already been in line for 11 hours by Wednesday evening.

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