Hybrid cars are starting to arrive in Europe from China – this fast city pacer will already arrive in Finland next summer

The innovation combines many aspects of hybrid technology.

Chinese MG First it brought its all-electric car to Finland and the rest of Europe, and now it's the hybrid model, the MG3. In the past, the MG3 was sold in Europe only in Great Britain, but at the Geneva Motor Show, the manufacturer said that in connection with the model update, its sales will expand to the entire continent.

In Finland, sales of the MG3 will start in the summer, and then the first cars will arrive in the country.

“The price range where there are tough competitors,” says MG project director John Hackerstedt Finland From Hedin.

Höckerstedt hasn't disclosed prices in detail yet, but for example, a Toyota Yaris of the same size class costs about 23,000 euros at its cheapest in Finland.

Many of the so-called B-segment cars like the Ford Fiesta have already left the market.

The slowdown in sales of electric cars in Europe is clearly visible in China. Another Chinese manufacturer, BYD, will present its hybrid technology at the Geneva Motor Show.

The manufacturer classifies the MG3 as a fun city car to drive. It is 4.1 meters long. There are five seats, and the trunk volume is 293 liters.

The hatchback is powered by a 1.5 liter petrol engine with front wheel drive and 75 kW output. The power of the electric motor is one hundred kilowatts, and the combined power is said to be no less than 143 kilowatts or 194 horsepower. Acceleration from zero to hundred takes eight seconds.

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The MG3 combines various aspects of hybrid technology, except that it is not externally charged. The technology consists of full and parallel hybrids. While driving, like a series hybrid, the internal combustion engine charges the battery if necessary. The gearbox is also unusual, the manufacturer claims that it is a three-speed automatic.

The capacity of the battery is very small, only 1.83 kWh, so it can be described as a short-term temporary electricity storage. The MG3 runs on electricity alone, though judging by the size of the battery, not much range.

The MG3 burns 4.4 liters of petrol per hundred kilometers, so CO2 emissions are around one hundred grams per kilometer.

In front of the driver is a seven-inch instrument display, with a touchscreen measuring 10.25 inches. Navigation and smartphone connectivity are standard. The highest equipment level has a 360-degree camera.

MG's warranty is seven years or 150,000 kilometers.

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