I miss Juhani Tamm – Jukka Jalonen begs for blood from his nose

Special Editor Eetu Ampuja writes that Lätkä’s World Cup overall is not promising for the Lions.

Finns have reason to worry. At the moment, there doesn’t seem to be a need for a parade of Pori residents, fighter jets, especially for the market party next week. Dangerous question marks hang over the Lions at the Czech World Cup.

In the video, Seiska’s MM ladling studio – Tami, Stubb, Päällikkö & Selänne:

Finland suffered an ugly collapse against Austria on Thursday afternoon. Of course, anything can happen in a match and luck has its own meaning, but now there is no room for interpretations. The absolutely perfect team won.

Indeed, the final readings praised Lejon. Apart from some individual good exchanges, Finland went all out in the 2nd and 3rd sets against Austria, who played very hungry and with a big heart.

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Attack by colossal Thomas Raffle A little more careful, the goalkeeper would not have stood in the area, and a goal for Austria would not have been allowed. Otherwise, Ruffle doesn’t care Harry Chaderin No preventive work and communication of any kind.

Add to this the top bar break that preceded Austria’s last-second winning goal, and you could say Lejonaud dodged a bullet in terms of the final result. The hosts Alppimaa secured their historic victory 3-2.

Yaoooohl! Austria celebrated their historic win over Finland like it was a World Championship.

What is Finland’s attacking potential?

For the Lions, the World Cup is approaching a dangerous crossroads. Of course, all the money is on the table only in the quarter-finals, where the fate of entering the medal games will be decided. With a win we are in the top four and a loss would spell disaster.

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Saturday’s clash against Canada will determine a lot about the Lions’ true offensive prowess. So far, the results have been disappointing: a 0-0 draw in the opener and a tough loss to the Czech Republic, then easy walks from Great Britain and Norway.

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The Austria match was so dangerous that even the Lions couldn’t match their opponent’s blistering pace when the Austrian brothers started the engines. What will happen tomorrow when the Canadian NHL team starts stepping on the gas?

Canada’s NHL heroes are in top form at the World Cup.

The lions are completely devastated

Let’s put it bluntly: The Lion King Jukka Jalonen In some places, Finland was downright angry at the way Austria was being dealt with. The big question is, does this say more about the league or how international hockey has progressed?

Let’s put it bluntly: Lion King Jukka Jalonen’s Finland is completely screwed.

Could Austria be the story of this tournament, as Latvia were in Tampere a year ago? After all, Austria put Canada in a tight spot on Tuesday, as it made a stunning comeback from a 1-6 deficit to level within 17 minutes. So against Canada!

Besides, it’s worth remembering that even in Austria’s ranks, there aren’t any bright-faced Alpine boys learning to skate with Lehmankellos around their necks. A Marco Rossi For example, the top reserve and second center of the NHL club Minnesota Wild.

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is intensifying. In Prague, Jukka Jalonen looked tougher than ever.

Is the chain walker expensive?

Finland has the potential to put its plates together and go far in the World Cup. Many times problems in the early stages of a competition teach valuable lessons and bind the team together. It’s best to believe it, because the game still doesn’t believe it.

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So far, LeJohn has seen a tough chain roller coaster. Probably the number one blacksmith By Michael Granlund Although all possible giants have already been tried, there is no way to find suitable players with him. This time, only the 4th joke worked.

Understandably, the head coach will do his best to find job chain combinations. So far, Jalonen seems to be begging for blood from his nose with his continued chain rally – perhaps also with his risky player selections.

A winning cop? Harry Chattery shivered in places before Austria’s great avalanche.

Moped to highway

Jukka, after all, changed the WC offensive, beating the chicks in the direction of the NHL at a good time. He had worked before and very successfully, but the old recipe no longer worked.

In the spring of 2019, Leijonat surprised everyone when he sensationally won World Cup gold with the SM League crew. And this time, they’ve gone for a ride on a moped, at least if you compare Finland’s lineup to many other nations’ NHL cannons.

Can Christian Heljanko be ignored?

Jalonen also likes her trusted men. About them Mikko Lehtonen So far so random and uncertain. Säteri didn’t really impress his target. He was a champion keeper Christian Heljanko Can you ignore it completely?

Regardless of how you went about the farewell match, Gold-Jukka is still the best Lion of all time. We can only hope that the man from Riihimaki, who flogged the press in Prague and staged his chain rally, will have a memorable end to his last World Cup tour.

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Don Tommy was in his element at the World Ice Hockey Championships in Paris in the spring of 2017.

I miss Dan Tom

Finally, it can be mentioned that: Juhani Tamminen Lättä were associated with their little jackets at World Cup festivals for years, but not anymore. The undersigned visited Turku last week and made an apprehension about the current situation in Tami.

Retired ice hockey lion number 79 wanted today MarieWhile Sana is often forgotten, his wife’s help with daily chores. But that doesn’t mean Auringokuningas was great television entertainment at its peak.

I also miss Don Tammy’s wonderfully colorful verbiage and the self-contradictory bloated cavalcade of Little Jackets. A little Tami show can make a difference to Viaplay and MTV3’s endlessly long and sometimes numb front studios.

Edu Ambuja, Special Editor

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