I will not vote for the Border Act

There are still MPs in the SDP caucus who are critical of the Boundary Act and are reluctant to vote in favor of the legislation in the Great Hall.

There are still several MPs in the SDP parliamentary group who are critical of the border bill. The leadership of SDP said that SDP has accepted the changes demanded by SDP and the committee meeting has accepted the compromise motion.

Congressman Eliza Gebhardt (SD) tells Iltalehde on Tuesday that he does not agree with the SDP group’s position on the outcome of the talks. He has yet to take a specific position on how he intends to vote on the bill. Gebhardt was one of the Dems’ representatives who publicly criticized the bill.

Also SDP Vice President and Member of Parliament Nasima Rasmiyar He has been outspoken about his critical approach to the law. On Tuesday evening, on news service X, he said he would not vote for the law in the parliament hall.

– Thanks to our representatives for their work towards our goals. Unfortunately, the changes made by HaV did not fix the bill’s fundamental problems with regard to the constitution and collective bargaining agreements. That’s why I won’t vote for the law, Rasmeier writes.

Further Johan Kvarnstrom (SD) has publicly responded negatively to the presentation.

– This seems unlikely to be an acceptable outcome, Kvarnström told IS, although he did not lock in his position before concluding Havi’s statement.

Iltalehti could not reach Kvarnström on Tuesday.

Nasima Rasmiyar will not vote in favor of the law in Parliament. Jenny is the host

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Enemy ratings

Demir MP Johanna Ojala-Niemela It is estimated that 6-8 members of the SDP are still critical of the bill after the SDP’s committee meeting on Tuesday afternoon.

– That is class, said Ojala-Niemela in Parliament.

The SDP met the demand that the Constitutional Law Committee (PeV) should issue a report on the border law issue in a few days. According to Iltalehti, the general estimate is that Peavy will issue a statement that changes have been made according to the plan.

In the Demari ranks, the assessment is that some important Demari representatives may turn to the law after the positive report of the PeV.

For example, one Demaree estimates that eight representatives on the Demaree committee are still critical of the bill, but some of them would ultimately prefer to vote in favor of the legislation. He estimates that perhaps five SDP MPs will eventually oppose the plan. Another Democratic source estimates the company will hold no position.

The Democratic source describes the Constitutional Law Commission’s proceedings as mainly “cosmetic” at this stage. The Demari source explains that after the PeV’s statement, it was easy to respond to the criticism that the PeV accepted the changes.

Member of Parliament Eliza Gebhard disagreed with the SDP that the committee had accepted the outcome of the negotiations on the border bill. Stock photo. Battery plasma

So whether the boundary law will be passed in haste is still questionable. An extraordinary law requires a majority of 5/6 MPs in the House to pass it urgently.

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If all MPs were present in the House for the vote (the Speaker does not vote), 33 of the 199 MPs would not support the legislation. The Green Party has 13 representatives and the Left Alliance has 11 representatives. Also, R.K.P Eva Biaudet’n The vote is counted against the law.

If the eight in the SDP were not behind the law, the 33 would already be full.

Chairman of the SDP Parliamentary Committee I cursed and swept away He described a “majority” of SDP’s caucuses as supporting a compromise proposal on changes to the border law after a caucus meeting on Tuesday. So the Democratic leadership publicly admits that not everyone is behind compromise.


On Tuesday afternoon, the Executive Committee took a final decision on the changes and modifications to the draft boundary law and the decision to submit it to PeVille for evaluation.

According to Ojala-Niemelä, the Constitutional Committee decides to consult the experts, the hearings will probably be on Thursday, and Bevi’s report will come on Friday.

According to Iltalehti, next Tuesday, the first reading of the law will take place in the plenary session. A plenary session has been booked for Tuesday.

A second full hearing will be held on Friday, when the urgency of the legislation will be voted on first, which requires a 5/6 majority. If the legislation is found to be urgent, Parliament can immediately vote on the bill requiring a 2/3 majority in the House.

SDP leader Antti Lindtman and parliamentary group leader Tytti Tuppurainen commented on the SDP’s committee decision on Tuesday afternoon. Outti Jarvinen

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