Iivo Niskanen mocked his rival in Yle's TV interview: “I told him”

The men's series concluded the cross-country Finnish Cup weekend in Kuopio.

Jemin Jaun wins the 3×7.5 kilometer relay at the Cross-Country Finnish Cup in Kuopio.

The match was decided in the final round, where Larry Lipston The balance was strong. Athletes of Imatra Miro Karpanen Second goal passed. Buijo Ski Club Iivo Niskanen He did a minor feat to lift his team to third place from a long distance.

Consider the Sky Team Juzo Harala He brought his team to first place in the first innings, but the team finished fourth.

Cross Mate Hakola For the second exchange Jämin brought Jänte to the top, but the differences were small and there were six teams in the main group at that stage.

Buijo Skiing Club entered the second transition in seventh place, 43.3 seconds behind first-place Jemin Jannett. So, Puijo's presenter Ivo Niskanez has a big challenge ahead of him.

By the time the anchor segment slid to 2.5 kilometers, Niskanen had cut the gap to 19.8 seconds. The difference in five kilometers is 14.8 seconds. Niskanen managed to hold his own in the final and Bohti reached the ski team in the last meters. Nilo Moilanen Ooh

In a Yle TV interview after the race, Niskanen said that the end of the leg was hampered by the man's position and the snow. According to Niskanen, “Gusamo's man leapt forward”.

Yle's interviewer said Kuusamo's Erä-Veikkoin The stone is wide After crossing the finish line it was up to Niskanen.

– or indeed I told him. There is nothing in it. Of course you have to protect the space, but you shouldn't jump on the skis, Niskanen told Yle.

Iivo Niskanen was allowed to work a full day on Sunday. Jussi Saarinen

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