Ilona Siekkinen's sad pregnancy announcement: “Let's keep some hope alive”

Fitness coach Ilona Seikkinen doesn't know if her baby will survive.

Ilona Siekkinen received the 2022 Entrepreneur of the Year Award. EPA/AOP

Fitness trainer Ilona Chekinen Expecting a baby in September. Siekkinen now experienced a serious complication mid-pregnancy.

Seekinen says about what happened in the news on his Instagram updateHe says writing and publishing is the most painful writing in his life.

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Seikkinen says she felt the amniotic fluid break while she was grocery shopping on Friday.

– At first, of course, I didn't believe it was actually amniotic fluid. The shock came when I got into the car and started googling the subject, Seikkinen writes on Instagram.

Although the amniocentesis sample was positive, he went to the emergency room later that evening when the doctor said it was a false alarm.

– It calmed my mind, there was still a throb in the back of my head, yes, it was definitely amniotic fluid, I know my own body when the test looks like that, Seikkinen says.

On Saturday, Seikkinen spent the morning as normal, and the same thing happened again.

– I felt the water drain, and then I panicked. I called the emergency room right away and I'll be back, it's a definite situation now. And so it happened. Early amniotic fluid.

The coming days will tell if Seikkinen's pregnancy will be aborted or continue. If pregnancy continues, close monitoring is required in the future due to increased risks.

– Such a situation looks dire at such an early stage. So the odds are not on our side, rather the opposite.

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– My heart is broken, but now we still have that hope. So many great things in such a short time. Greatest joy and worst fear packed into one package.

Seikkinen asks his followers to pray for his family and baby.

– The little one is fighting now. Seikkinen concludes his article by saying that we are fighting for the boy.

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Seikkinen said in March that his wife was expecting a child Miko Niranen with. The couple found out they were expecting in early February.

The couple said at the time that the pregnancy was “completely unexpected” but that they were very happy with the situation.

The couple got engaged in December 2022 and were set to celebrate their wedding this year. However, the couple said that they are postponing the wedding due to the birth of a child.

Health Village According to if the pregnancy has not yet progressed to the 34th week of pregnancy and the mother has no clear signs of uterine infection attempts are made to prevent birth.

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