In Äänekoski, the large Sumiainen observatory was completely destroyed in a severe fire. Homeland

One person suffered minor burns while fighting the fire. And the fire quickly spread to the surrounding area. 20 units are involved in fighting the fire.

The former lookout fire was put out by 40 rescuers on Sunday evening. Photo: Jarko Rigkonen / Yell

Hilma Tovonen,

Derhi Brila-Borvali

On Sunday evening in Anekoski, Sumianen’s former watchtower Harjula was completely destroyed by a heavy fire.

According to the Rescue Service of Central Finland, the house was used as a residence, but there were no serious injuries related to the fire.

– One of the occupants of the home suffered minor burns during the first extinguishing situation. A firefighter on duty at the scene says that first aiders checked the burns I met Kelosari From the Rescue Service of Central Finland.

The fire was reported after 7:30 pm on Sunday.

According to the Rescue Service of Central Finland, the 350 square meter house was fully engulfed in flames when the rescue service arrived. Kelosari describes fire as huge and powerful.

– It was no longer possible to put out the fire inside the house, but we concentrated on bringing the fire under control and protecting other movable objects in the yard.

Äänekoski and Sumiainen are marked on the map.

The meeting house is located in Sumiant Church Village. Photo: Miia Antila / Yle, MapCreator, OpenStreetMap

Also, since the fire spread so quickly, there was no risk of other buildings catching fire.

– The building is located on a high hill, i.e. in a very windy place. The parched landscape around the house caught fire, and individual blazes flew further and further, igniting the landscape. However, these hot spots have been brought under control, says Kelosari.

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In total, a few hundred square meters of land around the building was burnt.

20 units and 40 rescue teams are engaged in dousing the fire.

A follower will be there to monitor the fire floor between Sunday and Monday night.

There is an assessment of the cause of the fire, not related to the outbreak of the fire

The rescue service already has a good estimate of the cause of the fire at the former watchtower, says acting rescue director Tabani Kellosari. However, the cause of the fire cannot be said yet as the police and rescue service will carry out a detailed investigation on Monday.

There were reports on social media that explosions were heard from the house when the fire broke out. Kelosari denies that the cause of the fire was an explosion or that there were any unusual explosions in the house during the fire.

– The phenomenon of fire includes the banging of dry wood, and from the broken windows an outsider can hear a sound like an explosion, says Kellosari.

A long history and precious environment

The club house was built by laborers in 1935. The church village of Sumiainte, where the former observatory is located, is a built cultural environment of national importance listed by the Finnish Museum Agency, ie. Meaning of RKY.

Äänekoski city news Harjula’s watchdog says that in 2022 the sports association will be transferred from Sumianten Kunno’s ownership to a private individual.

Updated at 21:42: Added information about the fire spreading to the surrounding area.

Updated at 9:48 pm: Added information about Sumiainte church village owned by RKY sites.

Updated at 10 p.m.: Added information about the transition to tracking privacy in 2022.

Updated at 23:02: Information about the destruction of the building and comments from the firefighters on duty.

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