In France Elmo Lucka won with a cannon – in the race, there was a ruthless combination: “I was on my snakes”

Finnish sailors reached the podium on Friday.

Elmo Lucka won in France. Under Leesima

Elmo no He won the 60m hurdles in Lyon on Friday in 7.67 seconds.

The first place and the second best time can be considered a good achievement for the season, as the final can only be completed in the fourth attempt.

– I was disappointed when I got a good start in the first two attempts, but it was worth the effort, Lakka said in SUL's press release.

After the first startup attempt, the back block was converted to lacquer racks. In one of the shot back starts, Lucka had time to reverse once.

– I guess there is a problem with the output devices. Every time I saw that the reaction time for me was 0.085, that was not possible. “The dispatcher said don't move, I guess I didn't,” Laka joked.

Lucka scored 7.73 points in the first round.

Nesiri is third

Nuralotta Nesiri finished third in the 60m hurdles. 8.08 clock on sick fin board.

– In the beginning, I felt that I could not take it. After Val de Reuil I was very sore. With that in mind, I can pull myself together better now, Nesiri said.

– The final run was a good mental victory for me. I lost first or second on that last throw. After the run I was sure I was at least second.

Spain won Xenia Benach At 8.06 p.m.

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