In Russia this issue was brought up by the great strike in Finland

A major strike planned for early February is also of interest to foreign media.

A strike front approaching Finland in early February threatens widespread shutdowns of shops, hotels and restaurants, ports, airports, transport and industry. The strikes were also reported in foreign media.

The Fontanka, St. Petersburg site is considered independent of our eastern neighbor news, those 1.–2. In February, the strike closed, for example, Finnish air transport and kindergartens.

The release mentions a planned demonstration by SAK and STTK, a central organization of wage earners, at Helsinki's Senatore on February 1.

Russian state news agency TASS carried the headline His story By telling about the strike's impact on Finland's aid to Ukraine.

It quotes the CEO of security equipment manufacturer Nammo Lapua Oi Rymo HellesmäkiAccordingly, the strikes will not affect aid to Ukraine.

Based on information at this time, the story did not indicate that the strikes would halt ammunition production in Finland for two days.

Doss, however, says the Prime Minister Peter Orbon (kok) Improving Finland's competitiveness and labor market is set as a goal in the government plan. By 2027, Orbo's government is expected to approve laws that would reduce the power and role of unions, writes Eudistomisto.

Finnish air traffic will be suspended for two days at the beginning of February due to the strike. Illustrative image. AOP


Estonian public radio company ERR newsMany trade unions in Finland have launched political protests against cuts and changes in working conditions planned by the government.

ERR says that as a result of the strikes planned for early February, kindergartens and grocery stores will be closed and air traffic will be suspended at all Finnish airports.

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As expected, the strikes in Ukraine highlighted their impact on Finnish arms production.

Evropeiska Pravda news The two-day strike will halt ammunition production at three of Nammo's factories, widely cited as having a widespread impact.

The newspaper compares the situation to Northern Ireland, where on January 18, scores of public sector workers went on strike.

One of the largest newspapers in France the world He titled his article about the air traffic stoppage.

In our western neighbor, among others Evening paper And Today's business Talk about strikes.

Aftonbladet writes that Finnish unions have announced strikes against the government's working life reforms and changes affecting the right to strike.

Financial newspaper Dagens Industri reiterates that the general strike is affecting various sectors, including trade, industry, health care, schools and transport.

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