In southern Lapland and northern Ostrobothnia, police are asking for information about midnight apartment burglaries – three people

In southern Lapland and northern Ostrobothnia, police have come to the attention of at least four residential burglaries targeting single-family homes on Friday and Saturday.

Apartments have been broken into during the day, and criminals have tried to make sure there are no residents in the house.

Private houses were broken into in Alaviska and Merijärvi on Saturday. In both cases, the target of the burglary was a detached house whose occupants had left the home.

In Ranua, police were alerted to two burglaries on Friday, one of which broke into a family home in the center between 11am and 3pm.

The offender or offenders entered the house through the ventilation window and stole and messed with the property in the house.

At around three o’clock that afternoon an attempt was made to break into an occupied detached house in Ranua, Assmond.

Three people broke the door of the house and entered. The men left the place when they found the occupant of the house.

– Apparently, criminals complain that residents are leaving or that no one is home, the police command center comments.

Observations on the modus operandi and perpetrators point to a foreign mobile criminal group. Three men were seen moving in a gray or dark station wagon.

Police keep a watchful eye on people behaving exceptionally and the vehicles they use. The latest observations are from the direction of Alaviska and Merijärvi.

In severe situations, you are advised to call the emergency center. Tips and old observations can be reported to the Oulu Police Department’s hotline 0295 416 194, the Lapland Police’s hotline 0295 466 259 or via email to [email protected] or [email protected].

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Three successful burglaries are investigated as aggravated burglary and one as aggravated attempted burglary.

13.57: Full story updated. 14.00: Refined Crime Topics.

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