In the meeting between Stubbs and Niinisto, you can see two little unspoken messages – did you notice?

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Iltalehti news manager Solmu Salminen writes that the handkerchief arrived in Mäntyniemi and Sauli Niinisto was not asked for permission.

In Helsinki's Mäntyniemi, an informal opening ceremony for the replacement of Finland's president took place on Wednesday.

Sauli Niinistön and By Alexander Stubb The meeting will undoubtedly include a tough topic straight from the President's desk. For the cameras and the public, however, it was above all communication: the Presidents baton changes in good order, insisting on continuity and, in keeping with the Finnish, this is what showed the public that he was bantering casually.

The liturgical nature of the event left great opportunities for non-verbal communication, a fold that went unnoticed by Stubbs and Niinisto. In practice, the political follower already has a duty to speculate whether the outgoing and incoming president has taken advantage of the opportunities.

Coincidence or not, the two-year power struggle of Finland's foreign policy leadership in 2014-2015 reached its symbolic end in Mäntyniemi on Wednesday, culminating in a brief phrase “handkerchief gate” in the media. President Niinisto is not a journalist Larry Norman According to the book, he at first liked Stubb's handkerchiefs, but more carefully disdained the dressing. Stubb didn't officially believe that Nainisto was against the handkerchief, but sent Nainisto his own handkerchief instead.

Stubb entered Niinistö's pack on Wednesday, apparently far ahead of the handkerchief, a wordless message you can see without even a big magnifying glass if you want to see it. There was a folding style Men's clothing chain Explaining the instructions, a modest “envelope”.

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Niinistö is missing the handkerchief Stubb sent for the occasion, but the searcher can find the “dressing room humor” Stubb referred to elsewhere in 2018.

Niinistö served Finnish-Swedish stubble with shrimp kageni on island bread.

Mäntyniemi's kitchen will surely find something to offer, for example reindeer or fish with winter vegetables.

Based on the news, the relationship between Niinisto and Stubb has been tested over the years, but in the moment of power change, small jokes seem to be enough.

Niinistö did not use the handkerchief provided by Stubbs, but the author suspects that the menu for the meeting may have been the size for one guest. Jenny is the host

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