Information from IS: Govt intends to take decision on closing eastern border tomorrow – Politics

The question of event return has raised the threshold for opening individual border crossings.

IS: n According to information received from several sources, the government is about to decide on the closure of the eastern border. No official decision has been taken on the matter yet.

IS said that the matter will be decided in the general meeting of the government which will be held on Thursday. The matter will be reported again after the session.

– Government sources say there should be good prospects for the shutdown to continue.

– This is by no means an easy decision. Yes, everyone wants us to go back to the old days. Russian citizens like it too. Another government source says it is imperative to end this hybrid influence.

– A third says that the situation (on the eastern border) has not changed since December.

The temporary closure of the eastern border officially ends on Sunday. So the current result expires between Sunday and Monday at 00:00 PM. Finland's eastern border is closed on Sundays for a month, except for the Vinikkala border station, which is intended for trains.

According to information from IS, the mechanisms have been mapped out in detail. The government has mapped out an extension to the closure of the eastern border until further notice, but that decision may need to be extended for a further period.

The previous shutdown lasted a month. In late November, the government decided to close the eastern border for two weeks.

The government's second choice was to reopen some border crossings. However, the question of return has raised the threshold for opening individual border crossings.

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Eastern border closure The extension was reviewed by the Home Ministry, where legal reasons for extending the lockdown were sought.

home Minister Mari Randanen (ps) told STT on Tuesday that he had no information that Russia's activities had changed or would change in any way after the closure of the eastern border.

If the government intends to continue the shutdown, it will have to find new reasons again, as the old reasons cannot be mentioned alone during such drastic action.

According to IS information, the knowledge that this phenomenon is not over, but will continue, was enough to take the previous new closure decision.

In practice, this method can use the same information, although the new reasons for government decision-making must be called.

– There is no information that could turn the event in a different direction. The decision may be questioned when there are no long-term asylum seekers while the lockdown is in place, but the numbers are not decisive, IS was told on December 28.

IS has already been told that closing the eastern border will become an increasingly difficult issue. That's why we have to find other ways.

According to IS, in the days leading up to Christmas the Interior Ministry launched a cross-administrative preparation called the Border Procedures Act. It is planned to be ready by the end of January.

The border procedure means, for example, that an applicant at the eastern border is not allowed to move to another part of the Finnish state while the application is being examined, as in the regular asylum procedure.

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Southeast Finland The Border Security Force today announced that four persons have been arrested in the Parikkala area.

The incident is being investigated as a suspected cross-border crime.

According to information from IS, the government is already concerned about illegal border crossings on Finland's land borders.

However, now we are talking about small quantities.

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