Investigation chief opens Tampere death case – PV employee suspected of multiple crimes not interviewed | Homeland

According to Sisä-Suomen police, the speed of the car that caused the accident was high. The head of investigations said that the suspect did not have any gun.

On Sunday morning, candles and flowers were brought to the crash site. Photo: Miika Soininen / Yle

A middle-aged taxi driver died instantly in a horrific accident on Saturday morning.

The driver of a vehicle used by security forces without permission collided with a taxi at the intersection of Lempäläntie and Kuokkamaantie.

Crime Commissioner of the Domestic Finnish Police Tommy Juvonen Yle says the two passenger cars were coming from Lempääläntie towards the center of Tampere.

A person driving a security force vehicle rammed into a taxi driver stopped at a traffic light.

On the map of Tampere, the accident site is marked at the intersection of Lempääläntie and Kuokkamaantie.

The accident happened at the intersection of Lempääläntie and Kuokkamaantie in Tampere. Photo: Leena Luotio / Yle

According to Juvonen, the speed of the crashed car was too high based on the damage done to the vehicles. Preliminary investigation will reveal detailed information about speed.

A man driving a security force car is suspected of violently resisting an officer. However, according to Juvonen, he did not resist his arrest.

The investigating officer will not reveal the detailed background of the crime at this stage.

A badly wrecked taxi stands in the courtyard.

The car of the taxi driver who died in the accident was badly damaged in the accident. Photo: Oskari Räisänen / Yle
A security forces SUV in the yard of the car crash center.

The Defense Force vehicle seized without permission was a Toyota Hilux open-top truck, which entered service in 2014. Photo: Oskari Räisänen / Yle

A person belonging to the Defense Forces is also suspected to have opened fire. Juvonen says there was no gun involved in the suspected crime.

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In Finland, you can also commit a firearms offense by possessing bullets.

Also, the police suspect that the driver of the defense force's car was involved in manslaughter due to drunken driving and endangering traffic safety.

The security forces did not comment further on the case, but responsibility for the information has been transferred to the police.

The suspect, who has been linked to multiple crimes, has yet to be questioned.

– We will hear him when we ask, says Juvonen.

Candles at the scene of the accident.

At Kukkamati Junction, a candlelight vigil was paid to the taxi driver who died in the accident. Photo: Miika Soininen / Yle
Accidental vehicles were taken to the yard of Vehicle Accident Station at Birkalai.

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