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Evening news Says about a man from New Zealand About Henry, 58, logged into the just-launched Positive Credit Information Registry in early April to verify his own information and its accuracy. When the income and credit statement appeared on the screen, Henry was shocked.

– According to the information in the register, I was placed in a credit arrangement and informed about the company’s restructuring plan. Additionally, unknown peer-to-peer loans and loans transferred to me from other lenders have been reported in my name.

– In addition, it was announced that my loans would be secured by real estate, which is completely impossible. Henry told IS that my wife and I own half of the apartment, so I can’t mortgage the apartment for any loan without her knowledge.

So none of the information provided by Danske Bank is correct. After seeing the information, Henry contacted the Registrar, the Credit Information Register under the Tax Administration, who began investigating the matter on Henry’s behalf.

– I asked to correct the incorrect information and requested to restrict the processing of the data until the incorrect information is removed from the register.

IS says Due to congestion in the customer service of the positive credit information register, the tax administration sent Danske Bank, which reported the information, three weeks after the first contact, a clarification request, asking to clarify the accuracy of the information.

A month later, on May 23, Danske Bank announced that it had corrected false information about corporate restructuring, debt restructuring, debt swaps and peer-to-peer lending. At this point, more than seven weeks have passed since the first amendment request, IS says.

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If Henry had tried to apply for a car or home loan if there had been false information on the register, it would have rarely been granted.

– Verify your information so mistakes don’t surface until you really need a mortgage, for example, Henry stressed in the IS story.

Danske Bank did not comment on individual cases, but responded in general that a very small proportion of Danske Bank customers have errors in their information.

– We apologize for the inconvenience and additional trouble caused by the errors in the positive credit register to our customers, the press manager of Danske Bank in Finland. Toby is a virgin Apologized.

IS asked why it could take months to correct the data. According to Kanniyin, sometimes human errors in the bank’s internal processes cause delays.

– From the customer’s point of view, a month is a very long time to wait for their data to be corrected, which would never happen under normal circumstances.

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