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MEP of Basic Fins Teuvo Hakkarainen It now reveals why he was not considered the party's candidate for the European elections. Hakkarainen says Ilda-sanomThe party secretary would have said that the reason was in the X publication.

Party Secretary of Basic Finns Harry Woorenpah According to Hakkarainen, he had called on Saturday. According to Hakarainen, the party's secretary in the phone call demanded that the X update that Hakarainen published a while ago be deleted and that Hakarainen could not run as the party's candidate.

Hakkarainen tells Ilda-Sanom that the deleted X publication read:

“On my behalf, I say that Hungary's ruling party, Fidesz, is welcome in the ECR group. I appreciate how Hungary pokes fun at EU dictatorship. Finland should follow a similar policy. Every EU country has the right to its own foreign policy. .”

On the other hand, according to Hakkarainen, the update is an excuse.

– There was no time to meet the party committee within half an hour or an hour, the update was public before I removed it, he says.

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