Is that, Ivo Niskanen?

Kuopio skier's dream of winning Holmenkollen will not come true.

Iivo Niskanen32, Holmenkollen 50 kilometer victory dream will not come true.

– Due to his age, the goal is not buried, but when the goals are very difficult and successful things, how long he can last mentally, says Iltalehti's skiing expert Reijo Zilha.

In 2025, Oslo will not host the World Cup crown, and in 2026, according to current information provided to Iltalehti by the race organizers, the way forward is free. The next traditional fiftieth race is not scheduled in Oslo until 2027.

– Physically it is quite possible at 35, but mentally, Zilha thinks.

The skier of Kuopio's previous victory at the World Cup was two years ago: on February 27, 2022, he was first at the start of the 15-kilometer traditional intermediate race in Lahti.

– This certainly worries him.

Das Sama Vika

Kuopio skier Ivo Niskanen has never won a World Cup 50km race in Holmenkollen. On Sunday, he was ninth. Under Leesima

Before Sunday's match, Zilha told how, on some previous occasions in Holmenkollen, Niskanen had fallen into a kind of overanalysis when it came to equipment.

– Managed to find the best ski as the competition started, but was looking for something a little different. In the end, it was observed that no change was required, expert estimates.

On Sunday, Niskanen's first pair of skis was great. He decided to come in for a change of equipment earlier than planned, i.e. in the middle of the trip.

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– History repeated itself, of course for a different reason. Again, that second shoe was a challenge. On Sunday, we looked for a skid plate and more grip, but the rain continued. It's probably a ski profile issue, I don't think defenders lubricate different skis very differently. For example Larry Lepisto And Ville Ahosella The second pair of skis was better.

What is Kuopio's skiing income?

– We only see profit. And that doesn't come without looking for a winning ski. We expect unworkable solutions and seek excellence, Zilha replies.

Difficulty in the end

It's been more than two years since Iivo Niskanen's last win. Under Leesima

Niskanen, who finished ninth on Sunday, fell from the top rope three kilometers before the finish line.

Would the end result have been different if Finn had gone to the finish line with the same pair of skis?

– I don't believe it. The grip decreased, but the ace did not. The match was decided by an uphill run. Nissan could not make it to the final stage. No more flying bats have been discovered, Zilha replies.

How do you analyze Nissan's skiing?

– Except for the big climb at the end of the last run and the stretch leading up to the finish line, the performance looked easy. The result no longer looks easy – it could be due to an accident or freezing.

Kuningas Glabo

Johannes Clabo won in Golan for the first time in his career. Under Leesima

As Iltalethi predicted Johannes of Clabo Colon's cock is coming. The pace of travel was moderate and eventually Clabo ran away from the others.

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– I expected skiing to be difficult. It's a good pace for Clabo. Zilha says it is not easy to keep up the pace when the conditions are rainy and there are no people willing to join the race.

Swedish Jens Burman In the last two 8.3 kilometer laps of the race, Niskanen was the only one who tried to pick up the pace.

– In Norway, it's hard to do well against the Norwegians.

Lepisto's bang

Larry Lepisto is fine. Under Leesima

Larry Lepisto He had the performance of his life when he crossed the finish line in twelfth place.

– Despite the big disappointment last weekend in Lahti, the man is in good form. The ski worked well, but so did the head. If he had switched skis with others after three laps he would not have regained the top spot.

Lepisto was replaced only after 4/6 rounds.

– Larry's challenge is that he bends his hips forward. Now the range of motion of the hips is superior in both straight thrust and shift skiing.

deflection curve

Ville Ahonen moved up to 17th. Under Leesima

Ville Ahonen An interesting athlete, because throughout his career he has achieved excellent results in spring-winter competitions. On Sunday in Kollan, he was 17th.

– Training affects it a lot. It was brothers Wille and Olli Ahonen Well trained. With that, the sensitivity is gone and a little overload at the beginning of the season is a problem. Jilha says it is difficult to get rid of it.

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– Due to the decrease in winter, profit level will be seen. On average, the curves meet appropriately when the profit situation of others no longer increases, but instead decreases slightly, the expert adds.

Youth Champion Nico Antola Collen had a tough time after the race, when almost the entire body was cramped. During the media interview, he was shocked.

– It tells about the fluctuation of energy balance.

The skier from Tornio fell in the first round.

– Although it didn't solve the problem, the grip gave some energy. And he had no experience skiing fifty.

Antola finished 49/54 in his first MC-level 50km race. The winner, Johannes Clabo, had a time of 9:37.8.


Oslo, Men's 50km (p) Parallel Start:

1. Johannes Clabo NOR 2.06.50,4

2. Martin Nyenget NOR +0,4

3. Paul Kohlberg NOR +1.1

4. Harald Amundsen NOR +1.6

5. Ditrick Tonseth NOR +2.5

6. Jens Burman SWE +4,8

9. Iivo Niskanen FIN +13.4

12. Lauri Lepistö FIN +35.9

17. Ville Ahonen FIN +1.33,3

27. Arsi Ruuskanen FIN +2.20.9

35. Markus Vuorela FIN +3.47.1

49. Nico Antola FIN +9.37.8

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