Ismo Legola Gets Biggest Surprise of His Life on TV – “I Feel Embarrassed”

Comedian Ismo Legola is one of the hosts of Top Gear Suomi.

– Yes, he was able to do things that had never been done before!

Comedian Ismo Legola describes it Top Gear Finland – New Series Descriptions.

Apart from Legolas, the domestic version of Top Gear is hosted by former hockey player Teemu Chelan and actor Christopher Strandberg. We didn't know each other before the composition and that brought its own extra spice at the start of the shoot.

– Everyone was excited about how our chemistry was working and how the flap was starting to fly. Everyone was relaxed and happy after the first day of shooting.

Already from the first minutes the trio knew it was going to be fun.

– The euphoric feeling continued even as the cameras started rolling. Working with them is very natural, Lykola appreciates.

“Big Surprise”

During the season, the hosts change celebrity guests. Legolas admits to being a die-hard rally fan all his life, and in the first episode he actually works with his teacher. Michonne With leadership in rally school.

– This is where you get a weird feeling, gasping for oxygen after a few rides, says Legola.

Soon he will be in front of “the biggest screen of his life”, his driving skills will be judged by five world rally champions: I came here, Timo SalonenJuha Kankunen, Tommy Makinen and defending champion Kale Rowanpera.

– I also got an incredibly big surprise. There was a lot of pressure to perform and act while everyone was watching, and Legola surprises Iltalehde.

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The surprises don't end there as the episode also features a rally race. Legola races with his teacher Vatanen, Salonen, Kankunen and Makinen.

“The glittering history of motor sports,” the comedian describes his rivals.

– I ran away from my childhood heroes, Lykola describes the twists and turns of the rally.

– In the end, I drove away knowing that this touching moment would never happen again.

Rally legends rate Ismo Legola's performance. Four

You don't care about cars

Legola reveals that he has always had a strong competitive drive. It fit perfectly with the design of the program.

– Sometimes we drove hard. After all, there were sweaty cranberries in the pants, it's not good to mess up. We also need to speak out.

Legola says he couldn't keep up with the pace of the show's release in Los Angeles. However, he has seen a few clips and the new series has attracted interest abroad as well.

– Here and in other parts of the world, some acquaintances asked if they could watch the show. I answer them that the show is in Finnish and the comedian laughs.

Everyday life in Los Angeles demands that you have your own car. Legola jokes that public transport doesn't rely on “two metro lines”. Although owning a car is almost a necessity, the comedian has never given up on his spending sprees.

– I have been sick for a long time. I love it, it's not expensive, but a basic trick.

– Legola reveals that I have never bought a new car in my life, but always a used one.

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Lycola isn't interested in collecting cars as a hobby, but the allure of speed certainly has its appeal.

– I like to get on the rally track from time to time and drive at full speed. It should have a slightly different car, safety bar and everything… You won't go to that kind of store anymore.

Ismo Legola has always been a rally fan. Now he is making his dreams come true behind the wheel of a rally car. Elle Laitla

Top Gear Finland kicks off at 9:00pm on Saturday, February 24 at Nelos. Check out all TV shows and airtimes in Telque's TV Guide.

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