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Israel launched an attack on Iran early Friday morning. Attacks by Iran and Israel on each other raise concerns about a major war in the Middle East.

President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meet in the United States on September 20, 2023. The relationship between Biden and Netanyahu has been strained in recent years. Credit: WDC Photos / Alamy/All Over Press

We are now in uncharted territory in relations between Israel and Iran.

Today, Israel launched a counterattack against Iran, defying open calls from the US. Israel has not officially acknowledged the attack, but Israeli and US sources have confirmed it to the media.

This time, media reports suggest that Israel gave the US advance warning. In early April, Israel angered the United States when it pulled out of its strike on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, Syria, surprising its allies.

Is Israel no longer listening to its biggest political and arms supporter?

The U.S. has yet to condition its support for Israel, says a professor of world politics at the University of Helsinki. Teivo Teivainen to point out. In other words, the US has the ability to influence Israel, but the willingness to do so is clearly low.

– If the US as adults really wanted to stop Israel from attacking Iran, for example, it would have a wide range of means to do so, from freezing aid to economic sanctions.

The US has yet to comment on Israel's attack on Iran. Foreign Minister Anthony Blinken revealed The US has backed Israel as the G7 summit begins on Friday.

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– As you saw a few days ago, we are obliged to help Israel defend itself and, if necessary, participate in its defense, says Blinken.

Badly damaged car body, front part intact, people in field in background.

On April 1, seven aid workers were killed in an Israeli airstrike in Gaza. Qua: Ashraf Amra / AOP

So far, like the European Union and Finland, the United States has refrained from using tough measures related to the Gaza war, Devainen says.

The US raised its voice in early April after Israeli airstrikes killed foreign aid workers in Gaza. It said it would reconsider its support for Israel's military action unless it finally made an effort to improve conditions for Gaza's citizens.

Israel promised to open new aid routes to Gaza and allow more food supplies to be sent to the area. So far, the US has been content with these measures, and Israel continues to attack.

Israeli attack on Iran, Isfahan.

Israel struck the Isfahan area in Iran early Friday morning. Photo: Riikka Tähtinen / Yle, © |

Israel's retaliation was more modest than expected

Israel has always responded quickly, forcefully and armed to the threats it faces.

A notable exception was seen in 1991, when the US forced Israel to abandon its retaliatory attack on Iraq. Iraq, engaged in the Persian Gulf War against the United States, has repeatedly attacked Israel with missiles.

Israel was able to count on the US president's support even as it destroyed the Gaza Strip in response to an October attack by the militant group Hamas. Joe Biden's To quote the words “Iron is strong”.

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– Although the US sometimes scolds Israel and pleads not to escalate the situation, at the same time there is always a message that the US supports Israel, Deivainen says.

For example, the US has publicly appealed to Israel to protect the civilians of Gaza from its attacks. But at the same time, except for one time, the US used its veto power, the UN.

Iranian TV photo of Isfahan city.

A screenshot from Iranian state television showing scenes of Isfahan after Israeli strikes on Friday morning. According to media reports, the Israeli strike hit an Iranian air force base. Availability: EPA-EFE

Israel's retaliation against Iran has been more modest than expected.

For example British Broadcasting Corporation BBC It assesses the influence of the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Israel sought to avoid alienating Biden any more than it had already done in its actions.

Media information By Biden urged Netanyahu late last week to drop an immediate retaliatory strike on Iran after the Iranian airstrikes proved too damaging.

The big picture hasn't changed

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and former US President Donald Trump were immortalized on a billboard in Tel Aviv, Israel.

According to Devinen, regardless of the president, America's attitude toward Israel remains largely the same. Pictured are Netanyahu and Biden's predecessor, Donald Trump, who moved the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Availability: EPA

According to Devinen, the relationship between Biden and Netanyahu has been strained in recent years due to human rights and democracy issues in Israel.

– In the big picture, America's attitude toward Israel hasn't changed. U.S. support for Israel has a long history, Devainen says.

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Next, the last area to survive an Israeli ground offensive at Rafah in southern Gaza saw the limits of US tolerance.

Israel plans to expand its operation to the last Gaza Strip, but it has not yet implemented its plan. It should come first Must be insured The United States says the more than a million Palestinians crammed into the region have not become cannon fodder.

In the video below, Yle's US Correspondent Juri von Bondsdorff comments on the relationship between Israel and the US on Yle's Aamu on April 19, 2024:

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