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Israel moved up in the betting odds after Thursday’s semi-final as the country’s representative, Edan Golan, advanced to Saturday’s five-man final.

Israel’s Eden Golan wowed the crowd, reaching the final and becoming one of the front-runners. Photo: Sarah Louise Bennett / EBU

Israel unexpectedly hosts the Eurovision Song Contest In winning races. Representative of Israel Eden Colonwhose column Cyclone Despite the protests surrounding the sages, it captivated the audience.

of Croatia Baby lasagna provided by Tim tag team rim A strong bet to win Eurovision 2024. The likeable artist, accused of impersonating a rapper, took his audience to the first semi-final in Malmö and was still tight on his previous favourite.

Before the contest began, the Eurovision Song Contest called for a boycott of Israel, as the country is currently waging a bloody war in Gaza. However, the organizing body EBU decided otherwise. Accordingly, broadcasters, not governments, compete in Eurovision. That is why Israel is included.

Performed by Eden Colon Cyclone-The song was originally submitted to Eurovision under the title October rainBut the EBU rejected the lyrics as too political. Cyclone Same composition, but new lyrics. The new lyrics speak about a young man’s personal crisis.

Israel’s play in the Wise Men semi-finals went quietly without any major protests. When Golan’s place in the finals was confirmed, the artists were somewhat booed by the audience. In Saturday’s final, Israel will appear in sixth place.

The Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö had particularly tight security measures due to the war in Gaza.

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Journalist Alyssa Ristmeri says in the video that Israel’s participation in Eurovision was not as widely discussed in European countries as it was in Finland:

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