Israel's military says it killed about 90 Hamas fighters at al-Shifa hospital News Fin

According to the Israeli military, its forces killed a total of 90 Hamas fighters at Al-Shifa hospital in the northern Gaza Strip.

It was the third day of a series of attacks on the hospital, among others, an Israeli newspaper reported Haaretz and American media CNN.

According to the military, about 300 suspects have been interrogated around the Gaza Strip, and 160 of them have been taken to Israel for further questioning. According to witnesses, the arrests were violent, and according to CNN, people were badly beaten at the hospital.

Al-Shifa is the largest hospital in Gaza. Israel announced on Monday that it had struck the hospital, which Hamas leaders said was using it as a command center. According to CNN, thousands of people have been hospitalized since the fighting.

This is the second time Israel has attacked the hospital. The army finally invaded in November.

Before the attack, the Israeli army ordered people to evacuate and leave the hospital.

The UN has warned that hospitals should not be turned into war zones and that health workers and civilians should be protected. and human rights organizations have demanded.

The United States and Jordan cut off food aid

As the fighting continues, the civilian situation is feared to worsen. The United States and Jordan dropped aid to the Gaza Strip on Wednesday, with Jordanian food aid being dropped from a US Air Force plane in the northern Gaza Strip. Haaretz.

In this operation, 2,700 kilograms of food such as rice, flour, milk, pasta and canned goods were dropped in the area.

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The countries said they would continue to provide aid by air to alleviate the humanitarian crisis.

According to the Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry, nearly 32,000 people have already died in Israeli attacks and fighting, most of them women and children. According to the United Nations, the region is threatened by severe famine, and Gaza's health ministry has already reported child deaths due to malnutrition and dehydration.

According to Israel, the bloodiest conflict in the region so far began when Hamas and other militant groups attacked Israel, killing more than 1,100 people and taking about 250 hostages.

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