ISW: This is what Putin’s ceasefire proposal means

The American think tank insists on looking at actions rather than words.

Claims of Vladimir Putin’s desire for a ceasefire should not be taken at face value. It could be a conspiracy.

The US think tank Institute for the Study of War (ISW) estimated in a recent report that In his review.

Two anonymous sources said Putin was willing to hold talks on Friday. The sources spoke to news agency Reuters. ISW questions the purpose of the sources.

According to ISW, it is typical for Gremi to be interested in meaningful discussions. How it tries to sway the West on issues of Ukraine’s territorial integrity, ISW assesses.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed his willingness to negotiate a ceasefire, it was reported on Friday. EPA/AOP

– It is not clear whether anonymous Russian sources speaking to Western media are trying to promote these goals or whether they are truly presenting Putin’s goals and perspectives, ISW writes.

ISW believes that Russia will continue to show interest in negotiations at critical moments of the war.

“They Give Reason for Suspicion”

According to ISW, Russia’s words and actions are contradictory. The think tank criticizes the Western media for treating the claims as news.

– The Kremlin’s rhetoric and Russia’s military actions show that Putin is still not interested in meaningful negotiations or any concessions that prevent the destruction of Ukraine’s independent state, ISW writes.

The think tank pays attention to the contradictions that appear in the claims of the sources.

– According to a source, Putin worries that a long war would create disgruntled soldiers with poor starting points for employment and conditions that could cause tensions at home, ISW writes.

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– This assessment contradicts the fact that Russia has a persistent labor shortage and the Kremlin is betting on the fact that Russian society is ready for a long war.

– These discrepancies give more reason to doubt the accuracy of these Russian sources’ assessment of Putin’s true intentions.

If the claims are true, it could still be a tactical move by Russia, ISW assesses. According to the think tank, a ceasefire could serve Russia’s objectives as it would give it time to assemble its forces and focus on its military career.

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