“It would have been better if nothing had been said.”

Communications expert Katlina Cortezuo assesses that Rica Burra defended her position when she did not directly address immigrant street gangs in her original X message.

Communications expert and non-fiction writer Katleena Kortesuo says it would have been better if Rika Burra had not commented on the boxing in Oulu. Pete Anikari

The basic rules of crisis communication, if there is no accurate information about what happened, there is no reason to comment on the situation in advance, the characteristics of the communication specialist and information writer. Katleena Cortezuo.

Finance Minister Rika Burra (ps) Earlier this week, the stabbing of a 12-year-old in an Oulu shopping center drew heavy criticism when, based on initial reports, it was linked to gang violence.

Later, he was suspected of being the stabber Juhani Sebastian Lamsa Has a background of far-right violence. For example, Lamsa was involved in a 2013 stabbing at the Zyvaskyla library.

On the other hand, the stabbed child is a Finnish national with a foreign background, police said.

Burra made a new update shortly after the author’s far-right background was reported.

If you don’t see the update, you can check for it From here.

“I confirmed his cell phone”

According to Cortesuo, Burara would have been wise not to speculate on anything related to the Olu case until more information is available.

However, he points out that in his original message, Burra did not directly state that he suspected the perpetrator was an immigrant or that he suspected street gangs with an immigrant background.

– He talked about street gangs on a general level and hinted that it could be a street gang. In that way, he confirmed his background first, Cortezuo reflects.

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The story continues after the film.

Finance Minister Rika Burra (ps) drew criticism for quickly linking the stabbing incident in Oulu to gang violence. Rosa Broger

Cortezuo says one should be careful about commenting too soon. At worst, you could present a false rumor that could still turn out to be down the road.

– Street gangs can become migrant street gangs, and the information is completely false, explains Cortezuo.

Bura’s last message, in which he highlighted the author’s far-right background, says Cortezuo that there is little that can be done in the situation. According to Cortezuo, it’s good that Burra got his original message across.

– This shows that a wrong preliminary interpretation was made here, and now the correct information is being shared, he says.


In the shooting incident in Oulu, Burra seemed to guess at an early stage, but the representative of the basic Finns. Timo Vornsen The suspicious shooting incident was reported in late April and Burra denied any speculation.

– We cannot share speculative information or guesswork. That would be in no one’s interest, Brå wrote in X at the time.

If you don’t see the update, you can check for it From here.

Cortezuo says the situation is too noble. If any of our own prejudices arise, we are more than ready to voice our doubts. On the other hand, if the situation contradicts one’s own prejudices, it is customary to prefer to investigate the matter quietly. According to Cortezuo, this applies to all people.

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“Emotional Connection”

Burra’s communication was interrupted from time to time. In February, Burra shared pictures of cutting boards emblazoned with her face, along with the caption, “Now is the time to cut.”

If you don’t see the update, you can check for it From here.

In March, a representative of the basic Finns Miko Bergbom He posted a picture on Instagram in which Burra, surrounded by basic Finnish MPs, posed smiling with a large pair of scissors in hand.

If you haven’t seen the publication, you can From here.

According to Cortezuo, Burra’s communication was not successful in the aforementioned cases. He calls communication paradoxical and unreliable. Kortesuo talks about poor emotional communication.

– It has two different emotional states. First, they say that cutting is a pity, but at the same time they joke about cutting. It’s unclear whether we feel sad about the surgeries or whether they make us laugh, Cortezuo says.


Cortezuo emphasizes that there are personality-related differences in interpersonal relationships.

Purista points out that Cortezuo sometimes has a tendency to be sarcastic in his communications. According to him, for example, Burra is very elegant compared to the Prime Minister Petteri Orboo (kok), whose communication is traditionally very moderate and peaceful.

Some are naturally faster than others, Cortezuo says.

– If a bitter person is not allowed to keep himself in check, he will make early decisions that he will later regret, he characterizes.

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