Jere Karalahti admitted to hospital – ex-wife Nanna's news speaks volumes

Jere Garalati says he was admitted to the hospital. Atte Cajoa

A hockey legend Jere Karalahti49, has been admitted to the hospital. He talks about it in his Instagram post, in which he is lying on a hospital bed amidst various medical equipment.

– Looking forward to the ultimate push and inspiration in the coming years. Knowing myself and the environment is an adventure in the deepest essence of a person, in himself and in his surroundings. The former hockey player writes in his update that anyone who has not taken a single step in life will not understand a word of what I am saying, but it does not matter.

He says that this record is also a great tribute to these wonderful people who work for others.

At the end of his speech, Karalathi reminds people to enjoy every moment and take care of themselves. The man says he will be in the hospital for at least another week.

If the link is not visible, you can view the output From here.

Karalahti gets a lot of well wishes soon in the comment field for its updates. Also the former wife of the hockey player Nanna Karalathi, 36, left her own message in the comments field. The couple has been married for 10 years and has three children. The couple filed for divorce in July 2023.

– Big heart, Nanna writes with a heart emoji.

Nanna Karalathi sent a virtual heart to her ex-husband Jere Karalathi.

Karalathi said thank you Instagram– in their stories about countless messages from their social followers. At the same time, he wants to clarify one thing about the hospital trip.

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– I must point out that my current situation is in no way related to alcohol, although some people believe so. Ha ha, dark punch, he writes with a heart emoji.

Karalahti's story also shows an image of three children hugging their father as he lies in a hospital bed.

Karalathi did not disclose the reasons for going to the hospital. Instagram Stories segments are viewable 24 hours from the moment they are published.

The former hockey player's drinking made headlines recently when Seiska reported that the man caused an attention-grabbing incident on the plane. According to eyewitnesses interviewed by Seiska, there was a loud argument about drunkenness and payment for drinks on the flight. Rita threatened to get well with her mother. Fellow passengers told Siska that Karalathi broke the windshield of the person sitting behind him in a fit of rage.

The situation reportedly continued at the terminal where police and Border Patrol agents were called. The Itä-Uusimaa police confirmed to Iltalehti that there was a disturbance at the airport on the evening of February 19, which did not lead to further action.

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