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Many employers have already damaged their reputation due to an employee's rude behavior during a job interview. Many job seekers are relieved even if they don't get the job they applied for.

This was evident from the comments of those invited to job interviews, which Yle asked about 60 people in early February. Respondents to online mobbing were men and women of all ages from the capital region, Turku, Tampere and other places around Finland. The author knows the names and contact information of the defendants, and Yle has been in contact with all of the experiences described in the story. Some preferred to speak about their experience anonymously or with only their first name.

Working life analyst Tuija Koivunen The University of Eastern Finland states that unpleasant job interview experiences are not particularly rare. Koivunen urges the applicant to think about whether he wants a job where the recruiter is treated rudely from the applicant's point of view.

– If it turns out they don't want to, it's better to give feedback on recruitment or make it a bigger issue. But that's what happens in a job interview.

According to Koivunan, the downsides of job interviews should be brought out more boldly.

– Why should the employer or recruiter change its practice when it faces no liability or receives any feedback?

Tuija Koivunen talks about bad job interviews

Different opinions

Respondents had many experiences in strange situations. Strange questions or comments from job interviewers still leave many people shaking their heads. One recalls how the “two hosts” were first challenged with a sense of normalcy, showing the machines and telling them what the job was.

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– But I sensed something in it… I asked how it was. They had ugly grins on their faces. We wanted to see what he was like after being unemployed for two years! There were domestic servants outside. They said I wasn't the only one.

He criticized the face photo on my CV, which the interviewer thought was hideous and “not just a blob on the lip”. Confused, I found a place. Fortunately, what happened was kinder in the real customer setting

Jana Lehtonen

Another respondent recalled how the job interviewer, a small-town politician, inquired about the applicant's political status and military rank, despite already knowing about the applicant's civil service.

From the person who applied for warehouse job Cheer up from the cold Again, didn't he have ambition when he applied there?

– I didn't get there. I came to the conclusion that over-educated people are not accepted because it is assumed that they will soon move on to other places. So no job is always a good fit — you just can't get them, he points out.

Laura Leinonen Again, it's amazing how the interviewer poked at him saying, “You don't know anything about the job you're applying for.”

For someone from Kuopio who applied for a part-time sales position In the village It was emphasized that motivation is important. However, nothing is asked about his own motivation for the task.

– At the end of the examination the candidate's marketing and financial skills were appreciated. They're not discussed in an interview or job ad, Wille compares.

Helsinki Kaisa After the interview he drew his own conclusions:

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– declared that I couldn't imagine going to work where I couldn't behave neutrally even in an interview.

I've met people who outright mocked me for being unemployed and hired me purely based on looks.


A job interviewer may be asked about personal family matters. Photo: Matej Kastelic / AOP, Erkki Makonen / AOP, Timo Metsäjoki / Yle, Description: Samuli Huttunen / Yle

The interviewers were stony-faced and sometimes looked at each other without any gestures. This was painfully repeated several times. I get no reaction and I can't relax at any point.


Artificial intelligence for work

Those invited for job interviews usually send a complete job application along with the resume to the employer. Ilona He says he was even looking forward to the interview using artificial intelligence. Before the interview, he entered a job ad on Chat GPT and asked to list potential job interview questions.

– It could predict them well, and my notes aligned well with the interviewer's questions. I also used artificial intelligence while creating answers to difficult questions in a professional manner. Ilona reveals.

On the other hand, the job interviewer is often only superficially familiar with resumes:

– Unfortunately, I often come across a situation where my resume is read out loud, meaning the interviewer doesn't read my resume or CV, Thingmagic opens.

Could have even apologized for not having time to read my information. The interview left a very bad taste and I would not have accepted the job because of it.


A returnee to Finland, he says that compared to Central Europe, the recruitment process was really different, especially for single men. According to him, significantly more headhunting is used, at least on the IT side.

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– It makes recruitment more professional. The Finns really have a lot to sharpen up on here.

Highly qualified and very old

Hanging branch He applied for the job of specialist in telephone counseling, but was not selected.

– The distressed caller justified the decision: You are overeducated and you don't know what kind of job you are applying for. I was ageistRitva assesses.

We are looking for a warehouse manager/mixer. The interview went well until the CEO asked my age. It ended his interest and I didn't get a job. I was 52 then.


The result is not told

The job interviewer is usually assured that the final decision on the recruitment will be communicated “promptly”. Heli Finland Know otherwise.

– Recruitment period is long and no one tells anything about the results.

The interview process was long, almost a year. I counted ten different interviews or discussions. Companies have made it more complicated to hire people.


Very weird and funny

Good experiences too. June Tells about the funniest job interview of her life.

– The whole interview is a laugh. While the whole interview was crazy in every way, in hindsight I thought they wouldn't hire me, but yes they would have wanted to hire me..

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