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President Joe Biden continued his re-election campaign in South Carolina.

of America President Joe Biden He continued his re-election campaign on Monday in Charleston, South Carolina Guardian. Biden spoke to supporters at a church where nine people were killed in a 2015 shooting.

Biden followed the former President of the United States It's Donald Trump Criticism in the second campaign speech of the year. Among other things, Biden called Trump a “loser” because Trump disagreed with the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

– There's something they don't have. They have no respect for the 81 million people who voted otherwise. “Who voted for my nomination,” Biden said of Trump and the former president's allies.

– In their world, these Americans, including you, don't count, but that's not the real world. That is not democracy. That's not America, Biden continued.

In his speech, Biden also brought up Trump's recent comments regarding the school shooting in Iowa earlier in the year. A shooting Friday at a school in Perry, near the state capital, Des Moines, left one person dead and five others wounded. The suspected shooter, a 17-year-old boy, was also found dead.

– This is absolutely terrifying and amazing to see happening right here. But we've got to get past it now, we've got to move on, Trump commented on the incident at his own campaign rally.

According to Biden, Trump's reaction was hard to believe.

– My answer is that we have to stop him, Biden said.

of The Guardian According to reports, protesters calling for a ceasefire in Gaza disrupted Biden's speech at the church. Biden's supporters there chanted “four more years” at the protesters.

– I understand their passion. “I am working with the Israeli government to get significant numbers out of Gaza and get them back,” the president later told the audience.

According to The Guardian, riot police removed the protesters from the campus after the incident.

Protesters demand a ceasefire in Gaza during Biden's speech.

President Biden kicked off his re-election campaign in Pennsylvania on Friday. Biden commented on Trump's actions at the time, saying, among other things, that Trump used language that reminded me of him. Adolf Hitler The Nazi Party.

At the time, the Democratic president painted a picture of himself as a defender of American institutions and warned that democracy itself would be at risk if Trump won a second term in the White House.

Biden's recent attacks on Trump may be the result of criticism among Democrats that the current president's re-election campaign is off to a slow start.

Biden is behind Trump in some polls, and his approval numbers are worse than any modern president of the United States at this point in his term.

Although the official battle for the Republican nomination doesn't even begin until the middle of this month, Biden's campaign already sees Trump as a likely electoral opponent.

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