Judge refuses to invite Trump to president: 'Good morning Mr. Trump'

On Monday, more than half of the jurors in the selection did not think they could be impartial in handling the case.

More than 50 nominees have recused themselves from the arbitration ahead of President Donald Trump's impeachment. The reason they gave was that they could not judge him fairly and impartially. The matter was reported by AFP.

A total of 96 potential jurors were assembled for New York court deliberations. The study examined their ability to have a neutral and fair attitude toward Trump.

The case is being handled over suspected accounting crimes related to Trump's payments to porn actress Stormy Daniels.

Judge Juan Merson After more than 50 applicants were eliminated, the jurors were asked if there were other barriers to entry into the service. Nine judges raised their hands.

According to media sources following the hearing, Donald Trump fainted during the hearing, which began Monday. EPA/AOP

– I can't do it, one of the jurors commented as they left the courtroom, according to AFP.

Jurors for the trial are set to be selected at Monday's hearing. The selection process could only start after the lunch break at 21:00 Finnish time.

According to AFP, selecting the 12 jurors is expected to be a complicated process. A lawyer for Trump said the selection process could take up to two weeks.

“like anybody else”

Judge Merson made it clear that Trump will be treated like any other defendant in his courtroom.

After Merson took his seat, he greeted Trump: “Good morning Mr. Trump.” In the United States, it is customary to call former presidents president even after their term ends.

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The judge read Trump his rights. In accordance with common procedure, the judge warned Trump that he could face jail time if he behaved in an insulting or abusive manner.

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