Jussi Saramo downloads at A-Studio: Government does “eye roll trick”.

Saramo, the left-wing coalition, thinks the government is pulling a blind eye when it says there will be no cuts in the social security sector. The government has been criticized for the model created by the Left Alliance.

According to Jussi Saramov, the government is cutting social security. Petteri Paalasmaa

The debate between the ruling and opposition MPs turned into a heated argument at A-Studio in the evening.

The government met on Monday and Tuesday to discuss the fiscal plan for the coming years. Due to the weak economic situation, the government is trying to decide on new three billion economic reform measures for this election period.

MPs participated in studio discussion Pia Gouma (coke), Wilhelm Junnila (ps), Jussi Saramo (You are me I cursed and swept away (SD). As representatives of the ruling parties, Gouma and Junnila did not want to comment on what savings the government has already agreed to and what kind of decisions might be made.

According to Iltalehti, the government's goal is to reduce the growth of social security spending by 600-700 million euros in this legislative emergency.

When discussing Sote, Kouma wanted to correct a common misunderstanding:

– Sotesta is not going to be reduced, but billions of euros are added to it every year during this government period. We are reducing cost growth, he said in A-Studio.

The reporter asked how much growth is slowing down. Gouma said the exact amount was not yet known and would be decided in the framework.

Jussi Saramo completely disagrees with Gouma.

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– A complete eye-roll trick, uploaded by Saramo.

Chot sample

Saramo said that “there is no need to cut when growth slows down” coming from the mouths of Gouma and top government ministers.

Saramo said that if there is a cut in the basic business of the state economy, it is a cut if inflation is factored in, including employee salaries and other expenses.

The leftist coalition will not cut social security, the reporter asked. According to Saramo, the Left Alliance will not cut social security and should not do so in the context of Finland's aging population. Finland's lower tax rate is a big problem for him.

Junnila was surprised by Saramo's words. According to him, it is to protect a public welfare society. Junnila pointed out that one of the root causes of the problem was the social security reform model decided by the previous government. This government had a Left coalition.

– When you created this model, there was talk about cost savings and what kind of goals it had. Now, from the other side of the table, you reveal that cost and cost growth can also be reduced, Junnila said.

According to Junnila, Saramo's talks are “disingenuous in the sense that Saramo conjures up images of millions in savings, even as they talk about billion-dollar services.” Junnila said the social security model was built on services and it was left to this government to cover costs.

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