Kadri Helena opens up to Anna about her feelings about quitting

The singing legend tells Anna about her feelings about the end of her life's work.

The legend of Iskelma Kadri Helena, 78, announced last fall that the 2024 summer festival would be his “last.” Kadri Helena says In Anna, the date of his last concert has yet to be determined. However, he guarantees that it is “guaranteed to be the last”.

In the magazine, he expresses his deepest feelings about the last steps of his life.

– Now, as the hard work of the past year goes on, I feel immense gratitude. I pray to myself: Lord, don't let me be troubled now. A loud boom ensues, and I add ice to the cap. However, fame is always a fleeting phenomenon. Let's see if the crest of this wave will end my life, says the artist.

– Nostalgia will still come, of course, but at this point, it feels freeing to leave. You can keep singing, but sitting in the car and waiting at concert venues starts to get too heavy. “I'd rather not do my job than do it badly,” he continues.

The dates of Kadri Helena's last concerts are yet to be determined. Inca Soweri

The singer's purpose in life has long been Kadri Helena. The artist approaches the end of his life's work with an open mind and doesn't think much about life after that.

– What happens after the singing career does not concern me. If there is anything new to look forward to, it will come, he concludes.

Kadri Helena's last concerts, known as Blue and White Voice, will be held in both Finland and Sweden. In autumn, Kadri Helena will also be seen for the first time in Helsinki in Tavastia.

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– I never would have thought that my last years as a singer would be so chaotic. But it's fine, Kadri Helena told Iltalethi earlier in the year.

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