Kekkonen shed even more tears than Niinisto – almost 50 years ago an uncontrollable sobbing scene was witnessed at the Melati hospital.

Presidential tears are not unheard of in Finland, says non-fiction writer Juhani Suomi.

  • Juhani Suomi, who has studied the history of Finnish presidents, evokes the most famous president's sensitivity to Urho Kekkonen's tears over his wife's death.
  • Kekkonen's grief was prolonged by the death of Sylvie's wife.
  • According to Suomen, among other things, Torja Halonen found it emotionally difficult to cope with criticism of herself.

Resigning President Sauli Niinistö Let his feelings show on Thursday at his home in Salou, where he made his last provincial visit of his term.

The president has shed tears in Finland before.

In 2015, Niinisto was moved to tears by the war veterans' performance at Linna's party. From Hero's Night Cry.

A non-fiction writer who studies the history of presidents Juhani Suomi To highlight in particular Urho Kekkonenwhy Sylvia– Death of wife in 1974 was a very difficult place.

– Kekkonen broke down in completely uncontrollable tears in the lobby of the Melahti hospital when Sylvie died, Suomi recalled.

Sylvie Kekkonen died four days before Independence Day after a long illness, which is why the Linna Party was canceled that year.

Kekkonen dealt with his grief for a long time. She lived the last 12 years of her life as a widow.

– Geckoson began a phase of not being able to sleep at night, calling his old friends at night and sliding off his feet with the taste of blood in his mouth.

– An attempt was made to control the party, but it did not succeed. In the end, Suomi says, it turned out to be a surprisingly long phase.

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The story continues after the film.

Urho Kekkonen presented a bouquet of languages ​​to his ailing wife in 1973. Pressphoto, Il-Archisto

Hard Points of Presidents

According to Finland, other presidents also had emotional moments, even if the tears weren't captured in news photos.

– All presidents have their human characteristics, they are involved in different things.

The first president in the history of Finland KJ Ståhlbergia According to Suoman, he was considered a very cold person, but he also had a sensitive side.

– Stalberg had a difficult time before his presidency when he lost his first wife and became a single parent to a large number of children.

Successor to Stalberg Larry Christian Relander On the other hand, he took the fact that he didn't get a second presidency very hard.

Served as President during the Winter War Called Kalliot Pressured by health concerns. Kallio died of a heart attack in Helsinki Central Station in December 1940 at the age of 67.

– Gallio felt that he could not meet the conditions required by the president in difficult moments, Suomi says.

Especially the presidents of the past decades Darja Halonen Tested by his senses.

– As far as I know, there were emotional moments when Haloson felt that the criticism he received was completely cheap and unfounded. That kind of thing shakes every human being, Suomi says.

Waiting for the memories

Sauli Niinistö, who is in his last days as president, had to wipe the corners of his eyes Thursday in Salou. Mati matikainen

Emphasizes that the highly sensitive civilian personality of Finnish presidents is usually hidden from the public.

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– It is generally difficult to obtain information about the sentiments of the civilian side of presidents. Suomi thinks that more information about Niinisto's feelings can be gleaned later from his memoirs.

The sensitivity is common among other leading politicians. Especially the former Prime Minister is fresh in my mind Hello Marine (SD) Tears as he comments on his party buzz in the summer of 2022.

– Prime Ministers' outbursts of emotion are often linked when their goals turn against them, Suomi says at a general level.

– Among others, in the 1970s, many famous politicians Ahti in Karjalainen (Medium) and Kalevi Sorsalla (SD), had the burden of sorrow to bear suffering and sickness.

Last year, among others, the Minister of Social Affairs and Health Kaisa Juso (ps) and former Member of Parliament Pia Lohikoski (Left) Tears.

Juuso became emotional in an interview with writer Yle MOT Miki Liukkonen And actor Jasmin Voudilainen Deaths, Lohikoski, on the other hand, his fall from parliament.

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