Koffi can (2005–2014) is just a memory – see how Quads' landmark changed its forms | Local residents

A motorist driving the Lahti highway north of the capital region can't help but recognize Kerava's sign: the giant can next to the Cinebrikaf brewery.

The giant can, next to the Cinebricoff brewery on the square, has changed from the blue of the non-alcoholic crisp beer to the colors of the Battery Remix 24 energy drink, the brewery said in a press release.

On the issue The fourth is the can design. The giant can was originally set in Lahtendi in 2005 in the colors of Kerava Brewery's Goff beer, and remained red until the end of 2014. In 2015, a new law regulating alcohol advertising no longer allowed outdoor advertising for alcohol brands. The giant can was changed to the base color of another Sinebrychoff brand, the battery energy drink, namely black.

Five years later, in 2020, the next change was made, when the battery replaced the giant can with a non-alcoholic Beer Crisp.

Sinebrychoff says the giant doesn't have bright flashing lights or other elements to distract motorists, but it does flash as usual.

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