Kouvola changed the plans for the Eskolanmäki Sports Arena | Local residents

Kouvola has modified the plans for the Eskolanmäki Sports Arena to keep the hall project within its budget.

The city has set a ceiling price of 5 million euros for the entire project. Of this, 4.37 million have been earmarked for construction and the rest for project planning.

When the city and the hall's contractor, Verde Oi, negotiated the exact content of the project, it became clear that everything originally planned could not be done with five million.

– The design solution focuses specifically on implementing a sports arena for indoor ball. Therefore, facilities supporting outdoor exercise have been abandoned, said the developer manager Anneli Varthianan says

He presented the status of the hall project at the Sports and Culture Board meeting on Wednesday.

Additionally, unlike the first plan, the complex will be built on one floor instead of two.

– Other minor refinements have also been made to find a cost-effective solution. However, Vartianen says the size of the gym will not be compromised, and the floor will be spruced up according to the board's decision.

With solutions according to the original project plan, the construction of the hall will cost 5.63 million euros.

Vartianen says the schedule for building the hall remains unchanged. The city and Warde will soon sign the actual contract. Construction will begin in the summer and the hall will be ready for use by August 2025.

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