Kylian Mbappé uttered the words that shook the whole of France

French soldiers are celebrating their election victory on Sunday.

The French futsal team is preparing for the EC semi-final against Spain in a relaxed atmosphere.

The reason is not La Roja’s playmaker Petri The course is set aside or even that Dayot Upamekhano And Kingsley Coman The semi-finals will be played at their home ground in Munich.

– This is a great relief after the nervousness of the last few weeks. Great relief, Guardian Jules County He admitted on Monday.

– Congratulations to all the French people who voted to ensure that our beautiful country does not fall into the hands of the far right.

Cuban President Fidel Castro (left) plays soccer with his friend Diego Maradona in Havana in 2005. AOP

Les Bleus stars took an exceptionally loud stance during the French parliamentary elections. One message to all: Vote Marine Le Benin Against the party.

– The French rose against danger to save our beautiful country. Long live diversity and long live the republic, France. The fight continues, the second generation prestigious competition futaier Marcus Durham continued.

Good move

The familiar slogan of the revolution has also received a new spelling: “Liberte, Égalité, Mbappe”.

Kylian Mbappe’s biggest asset in this EC matchup may be the outcome of the French parliamentary elections. ZumaWire / MVPHOTOS

Captain Kylian Mbappe Adding it after “liberty” and “equality” says a lot about how important the football team’s performance was to the voting outcome.

Mbappé repeated his message just before the decisive second round of the election.

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– We cannot leave our country in the hands of these people. I hope everyone will go to the ballot box and vote for the right option, the captain underlined.

A president who went to the polls as an underdog Emmanuel Macron He married the campaign launched by Mbappé and agreed that if there was a far-right candidate in the region, politicians from his Together coalition would not challenge candidates from the left-wing New People’s Front.

People voted according to Mbappé’s instructions, and the election result was a shambles compared to predictions.

– Undoubtedly, of course. Wouldn’t any politician use this? However, football has such a huge influence on people’s emotions that it is a professor of world politics Teivo Teivainen Macron commented on the game move.

– although it cannot yet be quantified here, how much impact it had. After all, athletes have been used this way for a long time.

Maradona among many others

However, Devainen is not yet ready to elevate Mbappe to the heavyweight division of politics.

– I have sometimes thought about the political significance of the Argentina and Brazil football teams. Argentina had a lot (Diego) Maradona Like characters taking a stand.

During his career, Maradona had time not only to win World Cup gold, but also to support various Latin American left-wing leaders.

Especially Cuban Fidel Castro and Venezuela Hugo Chavez They were close to him. Neither believed in democracy according to Western interpretation.

– I hate with all my heart everything that comes from America, Maradona described his attitude towards America.

Maradona (left) also got on well with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. AOP

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In addition, “El Beluza” opposed free trade, the Catholic Church and supported the birth of an independent Palestine.

– Maradona took a very strict stance on everything, which certainly sometimes fell under the election, Deivainen continues.

I miss Socrates

Brazil’s most popular political leader founded his own democratic movement during the military regime Socrates.

– He was also involved in the Diretas Já movement (now Direct Elections). However, there are no Maradona-like characters in Brazifootis recently. Politicians remember Socrates fondly.

Whether Mbappé will become a political influence like Maradona or Socrates remains to be seen.

Socrates also took a stand with his helmet. AOP

Right-wing leader Le Pen mercilessly attacked Real Madrid’s star signing as she tried to secure an election victory for herself.

– French citizens are tired of being told how to vote, Le Pen has agreed to the size of Mbappe’s salary.

Teivainen points out that Le Pen’s response did not sit well with Mbappé’s supporters.

– Of course Mbappé’s performance had some significance.

Turn right

However, this time money is not the deciding factor. The French captain bravely flagged to the left.

It fits well with football’s working-class roots.

– While you need very little money to train Futs, there is some class background as well. I have such an itch.

– When you look at the situation in Finland, the political right-leaning views are clear. And I’m not just talking now Teemu from Celante.

The most prominent Finnish hockey politician is certainly impressive as Tampere’s mayor Kalervo Kummola.

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– There are some veterans in that politics, Deivainan at least points out Welcome to Wallinheimo.

Recently, Brazilian soccer politics has taken a sharp turn to the right. In the last presidential election Neymar And Ronaldinho He openly flagged the populist Jair Bolsonaro On behalf of

– Neymar posted a video of Bolsonaro on TikTok and promised to dedicate a goal to him. It was pure fandom. After that, Bolsonaro’s supporters adopted the yellow shirt of the national team as their symbol. This made the matter more politicized, which is why other parties started to take a slightly more negative view of the shirt.

After his playing career, Socrates, for example, visited British Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s Brazil. AOP

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