Lady Lions beat Germany in style – Emma Ekoluma hits her second hat-trick of the World Cup – MAAJOUKKUE – 07.01.2024 – News –

Yesterday, Saturday, Tyttöleijonat opened their campaign with a 3−2 win against the Czech Republic and faced Germany in the second match on Sunday afternoon. The match was won 5−0.

In the opening set, Finland continued where they left off in yesterday's game against the Czech Republic. Germany goalkeeper Hannah Loyst He had to be careful with his defenses, especially with Finland's triple chain. However, this chain managed to take the team to a 1−0 lead Senja Sivonen By beating

In terms of puck control, the first 20 minutes were strong Finnish control. Before the break, there was another goal, this time Emma Ekoluman from the platform. This is already Ekoluma's fourth goal as he already completed three goals yesterday against the Czech Republic.

Germany played better in the second set than in the opening set. Tyttöleijoni had both dominances and didn't have many chances. By the end of the set, Germany's Loyst got used to the rain of pucks again, and he already had 26 saves after 40 minutes.

Germany, who finished last in the final round, had a dangerous snowstorm for themselves. These include By Martina Schrick The game was penalized Eerika Siekkinen From a tackle aimed at the head. Like Sikhs Julia Kusiston The game was interrupted.

A five-minute lead had already taken Finland into a 3−0 lead, and Ekholuma was again playing well. He was then responsible for another 6−0 goal.

Another big win in the match of the day Abigail Biscata, who is responsible for the fourth and fifth goals. He was passing Ekolumah's 2−0 goal. Both of these players are in good shape in the points market of the competition – Ekoluoma is the most efficient player with 6+1 and Piskada is third with two goals and two assists.

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Finland will face Canada on Tuesday in the final match of the premiership series. The match starts at 19:00 Finnish time.

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