League: Kärppien's Nick Ritchie is banned for eight games

The suspension was due to incidents in the final moments of Thursday's TPS-Kärpät second round match.

Richie scores a corner kick after falling to the ice Marcus Nurmia With a fist to the back of the head, so his helmet came off. The Canadian continued to deliver blows for ten seconds until the judges stopped the action. Ritchie was banned from driving for the incident.

Watch the situation in the video of the main picture.

Regarding the measure of suspension, the disciplinary representatives say that such activity does not belong to hockey to any extent. The disciplinary panel considered the fact that Ritchie hit Nurmia on the neck with the ice he had thrown, the decision said.

The eight-match suspension is by a clear margin the most felt this season. No other case allowed betting on more than three matches.

– Questionable action – Hitting an opponent on the neck/head, one who does not know how to anticipate a punch – Totally against the honor of the opponent, and such an action is against the invitee. Hockey's internal code system, the result continues.

Ritchie, 28, moved to Corp at the end of November. He has played 10 matches for the club with power points of 1+4=5. Ritchie, who has played nearly 500 NHL games in his career, has two shutouts and a total of 70 ice minutes in the league games he has played.

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