Lidl-initiated price war intensifies – S group cuts prices on minced meat and around 400 other products | Local residents

Lidl drew attention towards the end of the year by introducing a revamped benefits programme. In the future, customers can get cash coupons like bonuses up to 10 percent of the month's purchases.

Competition for the cheapest grocery store is fierce. For its part, S Group responded to the competition and said it would cut prices on 400 products this week.

This change applies to all Xtra series products at Prisms, S-Markets, Salei and Aleppo.

In a press release, S Group says the biggest price reductions will be seen on beef, coconut milk, instant oatmeal and the popular chocolate chip cookie.

On average, the price of the Xtra product line is now reduced by five percent.

– We have already reduced the price of the entire Xtra product line in March of last year, and in September the price of about a hundred Xtra products has been reduced even more. With the start of a new year, it's a good time to recalculate the cost of both food and consumables, says S Group's grocery manager. Sambo looked up Bulletin.

X-tra The cheapest of the S group's product lines. The slightly more expensive Rainbow is being replaced by Coop products. A rainbow goes down in history.

– The new product series Coop and the gradual departure from the familiar Rainbow series have sparked more discussion than we expected. At the beginning of the year, Coop brand products can be found a little more in our stores, says Päällysaho.

Along with Xtra and Coop, Herkku, Änglamark and the ten-year-old popular Kotimain will continue as S Group's own brands.

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