Liiga playoffs: Juuso Mäenpää was Kalpa's hero after two goals in extra round – LIIGA – 21.03.2024 – News –

Thursday's only match was played in Tampere when Ilves and Kalpa met in the first match of the series. The balance of power in the match was very different and eventually a solution had to be found through extra time.

Ilves–Galpa 3–4 JE (W 0–1 in match)

The opening game of the quarter-final series between Ilves and Kalpa got off to a fast start. Skating in the rink was demanding and both teams managed to create a few scoring chances with their puck play during the first twenties. The opening set ended 1-1 and both teams' goals were scored from behind the end line.

The second set was led by Ilves due to Galpa's collapse. With two goals in the second period, Ilves took strong command of the match with his wins. As far as Kalpa is concerned, the positive aspects of the second installment were mostly weak. Kuopio's men played well when unmanned and kept the Ilves in the outer ring, who had a great time.

The first half of the final set progressed heavily with the Elves blocking the center of the ring and Kalpa trying to get into the Elves end, and neither side had scoring chances. However, in the last ten minutes, things started to happen. Galba first got to the end of the goal with superiority, and a moment later, exploiting the attacking end, the Kuopio men struggled to establish themselves.

The stretch gave both teams their own stacks. In the end Kalpa's golden helmet is the hero Juuso MäenpääHe shot the puck past the drive-thru By Jonas GunnarssonOnly 40 seconds remain in the first overtime period.

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Goal scorers

10.45 1-0 Johnny Nyman (Ballway, Finland)
15.08 1–1 Saku Salmela (Kapanen, Manpa)
20.24 2-1 Nicholas Freeman (Neiman, Clendening)
31.36 3-1 Jeremy Gregoire (Baquila, O'Leary)
51.22 3-2 Matthias Kantner (Risanen, Lappalainen) iv
54.41 3-3 Oliver Kapanen
79.20 3–4 Juuso Mäenpää (Kantner) and

Expected result: ilves 1.90 – 3.25 galpa

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