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At the same time, the size of the boards that select Finnish candidates will increase from three to six people.

Alma Posti, Pekka Havisto and Maria Veitola will select this year's Literature Finland laureates. Photo: Barbro Alstedt / Yil, Silja Vitala / Yil, Emmi Korhonen / Magazine Photo

The number of Finnish Literature Award Board members is increasing. The size of the boards will increase from the previous three to six person.

Boards select candidates for each Finlandia category. The Finlandia Prizes are awarded in the categories of fiction, non-fiction and children's and youth literature.

With the reform, the Finnish Book Foundation wants to bring wider expertise to the selection process and increase the diversity of the jury. The awardee is not chosen by the Board, but the winner is chosen by a person named separately in each category.

The 2024 Finlandia winner in fiction is chosen by an actor Alma PostiNon-Fiction Accredited Member of Parliament Becca Havisto (Green) and author of the Finnish Laureate of Children's and Youth Literature Maria Vitola.

Finnish candidates will be selected in early November and winners will be announced on November 27. Yle broadcast the awards ceremony.

Each Finlandia Award is worth 30,000 euros.

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