Live words from Mika Aldola and Becca Dover about Panzarimusio’s Family Day events

“Idiots,” writes Becca Doveri at X.

Iltalehti’s Tuesday news about Saturday’s skirmish at the Barola Armory Museum has prompted outspoken comments from military and political circles.

At the whole family event at the Armory Museum, intoxicated men started behaving aggressively and shouting slogans referring to Russia. An eyewitness interviewed by Iltalehti told how the children were frightened by the chaos and the event organizer apologized for the disturbance. The men were restrained and police arrived at the scene.

– Provocateurs at a family event, writes the newly elected director of the Institute for Foreign Policy to the European Parliament. Mika Aldola (kok) in X.

– Fools. He writes on his behalf that the employer should consider continuing to use if they work here Becca DoveryHe was recently elected to the European Parliament from the Coalition’s list.

Former Intelligence Chief of General Staff Major General evp Doveri has also served as Commander of the Armored Corps at Barola during his military career.

At least one of the few active soldiers is Lt. Col. Bansarikolu’s leader Mika Manpa has taken a stand in the case.

– The background of this story will certainly be discovered, but it somehow evokes a kind of Russian desire to show one’s own superiority, writes Mäenpää.

Police suspect at least minor damage. According to the police, the persons are foreigners, but they work in Finland.

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