Maqwan Amirkhani was brutally kicked out! The other eye was swollen shut

Aamir Khan's streak in the Octagon ended in the opening round.

American Week35, suffered a loss in the Czech Octagon promotion's €1 million tournament in Ostrava.

The start came from the Austrian in the opening round Mohammad Machavia, 24, vs. Maechaev knocked out Amir Khan in the third round to advance to the quarterfinals of the lightweight tournament.

The winner of the competition will receive a prize of 300,000 euros.

Eye closed

In the first set, Machev was more aggressive on the scoreboard. He threw punches. First, Aamir Khan started bleeding from his nose.

After a while there was a heavy blow in the left corner of the eye. This caused a hematoma that caused the eye to swell.

Amirkhani looked for takedowns from Macheve's legs and succeeded in doing so for a couple of shots, but the Austrian recovered.

The start of the second round looked promising for Amir Khan, as he was already tightening up his daring technique of anaconda choke. Machev was released.

Then Mr. Finland started whistling. He took heavy blows to his jaw throughout the rest of the round. Machev was very lively. He led all judges' papers after two rounds.

Amirkhani needed a decision. Then his match and match was over. The three bouts lasted only a few seconds before Machev's left hook dropped Amir Khan to his knees. After a couple of hits, the referee intervened.

Win by KO decision for Macaev.

Aamir Khan's third defeat in professional cages. His UFC career ended a year ago.

Maqwan Amirkhani had some tough wins in his octagon debut. Octagon MMA

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