Marette Gallio’s Heartbroken Update: Shocking Tragedy Befalls Family

Maaret’s dog Nekku died in an accident and a loved one was injured at the same time.

Psychologist and author Marette Galleon A shocking tragedy has struck the family.

A beloved family member of Maretti died in the Nekku-Koira accident. Maret shared the sad news in a recent update on her Instagram account.

I am sorry to inform you that our beloved family member Neku has passed away. Neku died in a tragic accident where our loved one who was taking care of Neku was also injured. The turn of events is shocking and we are not on our way as a whole family.

Marette says the details are brutal, which is why the matter is discussed privately within the family.

He describes the dog as charming and the best work companion of his life.

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He was at peace with the anxious and had the ability to comfort distressed patients. Neku is the main character in the children’s books of N and Susanna’s Murkens, representing the safety and peace of the stories. Many people are familiar with Neku from my social media and live broadcasts.

Maret says that Negu was a favorite in their household and was an entertaining friend to the children. The pet that accompanied Maret on the wild run watched the beach as she swam. Maret says she misses Neku a lot.

We are so grateful to have Negu in our lives, even for a very short time. Neku suddenly dropped out of the midst of a dynamic life.

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Finally, Maret thanked the staff of the Espoo Animal Hospital and Fire Department for their support.

Check out the full update From here.

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