Maria Jungner's family suffered an unfair loss – this is how she reflected on life shortly before her death

Beloved screen face Maria Jungner died over the weekend. In December, he spoke on Half Seven about his state of life, his career and his aging.

Television anchor Maria Jungner died suddenly over the weekend. He was 50 years old when he died.

Yle's beloved screen face makes a visit Half past six In the project December 21. Jungner summarizes his past year in an interview with Ella Kanninen and Mikko Kekalainen.

– Rotating type. Big life changes, aging and a trip to Italy, Jungner sums it up.

Jungner talked about the stage in his life where the children had settled down on their own. Jungner described the stage of life as a difficult place and reflected on how as a mother you grow slowly, children always come first and do things accordingly.

– And then suddenly you have to translate to give room to leave, you don't call every day that I didn't hear your voice today, Jungner said with a smile.

Maria Jungner worked at Yle for 25 years. Gooey Channa

In the interview, Jungner was also asked about his long career at Yle. Years turned 25. Kakeläinen asked if Jungner felt a well-deserved sense of pride in the matter.

– It happened a bit by accident. Many factors have changed in life. I have also been married twice. It's a permanent home, Jungner said.

Jungner turned 50 in August.

– My dear friends took me to Italy. Jungner said he loves Italy and joked that both his temperament and driving style fit the country's culture.

Jungner shared his thoughts on aging.

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– 50 years will stop. You do a specific inventory of forwards and backwards. I think it's better to think about what else you want to do. If you are healthy and have more time, what do you want to use it for? Not to drag it out, but let's see. Courage! “Yes,” Jungner said with a smile.

Jungner reminded us of the importance of happiness – as a counterbalance to things dark and sad.

He said he went for treatment.

– Sometimes even professionals say, “Yeah, you're having a good time,” Jungner said.

She said that even outsiders have wondered how she maintains her positive nature without becoming bitter or hardened by her tough experiences.

Maria Jungner told Half of Seven that it's good to take stock at 50 and think about what you want to do in the future. John Balmen


Jungner's father, Aarey Elo, died in February 2022. Jungner lost his sister when he was 8 years old.

Jungner talked about tragedies In Me Nicet magazine last fall.

– Death always follows our family. It was taken from close quarters, and the order was unreasonable. In my thirties, I lost my elder brother to a serious illness. Grief is special because even though you go through a lot of it, it's never easy. “Instead, each time the grief builds up and feels harder, because you already know what's coming,” Jungner said in an interview with Me Nicette.

Jungner recently updated his social media accounts. On Instagram, she remembered her loved ones on Valentine's Day.

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– On Valentine's Day, I want to send a big thank you to all my dear friends. This life without you will be very dark and boring. I am so grateful to all of you,” Maria Jungner wrote on Instagram.

She tagged several friends in the post, including her fellow Yle announcer Anna-Lisa Tilussen.

In her non-public Facebook update on Friday, Jungner reflected on the pain of loss and issues related to human relationships.

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